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Carquest part# DD51t

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry References' started by spaner, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member


    I've started this thread for specific vendor #'s. Feel fee to add HERE if you have some specific Carquest #s and instalation compatablity for the DD51t.
    Carquest parts are CHEAP!:eek:

    Thermostat (180deg) #31978
    FIT: 10/10 - No need to modify, already has the "blead hole".

    Thermostat Gasket #20971
    FIT: 9/10 - The two mounting holes need to be tightend up slightly. 3mm closer to the center, for both holes, easy. One side has peel-off glue, other side needs sealant of some kind. (I use "High Tack")

    Air Filter #87143
    FIT: 9/10 - No need to modify, length is correct but filter must be "centered" in the housing before locking it down with the cap. It will stay centered once it's all tight, but housing must be removed it accomplish this.

    Fuel Filter #86470
    FIT: 8/10 - No need to modify. I replaced both "above gas tank" fuel filters with this type. Very close to originals, has larger capacity for one of them and some lines are one size too small for the connectors. I took the rubber lines off the truck (they are short) and added some grease to the filter nipples. Lines can be forced on with a little effort and then installed back on to the truck. Original filter mounts work at a lower position on the new filters.

    Upper main coolent line @ thermostat housing # RBR 22323
    FIT: 10/10 - fully molded coolant hose, use new hose clamps as side wall is thicker, heavy duty, hose must be cut in half length, producing 2 replacement lines, one spare, fit is perfect.

    Air box relocation/modification hoses
    Carburator to air box, consisting of 1 90deg bend in mid length of 2" rad hose with spring insertion, preventing colapsing under vacuum # RBR 21378
    FIT: 8/10 - cut to length and fit is good enough to use, or not, hose clamps.

    Use same above part # for exit pipe, as snorkel. fit is perfect and no cutting is required. String tie to side of box when in use, about 8" higher than box side.

    Air box to under bed connection # RBR 25530
    FIT: 10/10 - for a relocated air box, perfect fit from air box to bed rail connection, use hose clamps or not, fit is that good. Flexable/coragated line with spring insertion to prevent colapsing under vacuum.

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  2. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member


    Previous post additions, of coolent line hose and air box relocation and snorkel hoses. PVC sucks ;)


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  3. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    Thanks spaner I used these numbers for thermo,thermo gasket and, most importantly for me, the upper hose which fits perfectly. Napa # for the hose is 8956 if anyone needs to know.
  4. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    I guess we could add the camber-correction bolt numbers and the tranny sensors (#) to that list as well.

    Sure would be nice if the Suzuki reference section could be policed/organized a little better, but...

    The guys that want to find, can though.
  5. dalez0r

    dalez0r Member

    If this cross reference thread is to be expanded to other Suzuki kei vehicles, I found rear wheel bearings for my DM51v van!! 6008 2RS EMQ C3 are ALMOST exact, just need to remove the extra grease seals.

    Also, I got some 1985 Chevy Sprint brake rotors that LOOK like they'll fit the front, I'll verify that for sure next week when I try to put them on!
  6. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    The little 80s & 90s chevys were rebadged Suzuki.

  7. dalez0r

    dalez0r Member

    Verified those Chevy Sprint/GeoMetro/SuzukiForza front brake rotors fit perfectly.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
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  8. t_g_farrell

    t_g_farrell Member

    Just found this. Had started a similar thread else where.

    I suspect the geo metro tuneup kit (cap/rotor/plugs/wires) on rockauto might work on my 96 Every Joypop van. Anyone had experience trying it out?

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