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Carb rebuild: Best thing I ever did

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by rugerman, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. rugerman

    rugerman Bronze Supporting Member

    When I tore into my carry a couple years back I had some idling, starting problems. I tried the vacuum lines, tried Seafoam, tried adjusting the carb, tried, tried, tried. This thing got progressively worse the more I screwed with it. To the point where it was smoking so bad upon start up that I thought I cracked the block or something.

    I decided to give a rebuild a try. I researched and sent my carb to GR Imports. I had previously had OK luck with them for stuff in the past and decided to give them one more try. Called them up. They said they would put the carb in an electrolysis bath, tear it apart, rebuild it, then put it on the same model truck and tune it.

    When I received the carb in the mail it looked like a brand new item. I sniffed around a bit and smelled not a hint of gas fumes so I was pretty leery that it was not put on a truck and tuned. But I kept a positive attitude. Keep in mind this truck had not run in well over a year. Put the carb on and was scared to even turn over the key . Was afraid it would run improperly and that I was back to square one.

    I turned the key over, cranked for a few seconds and fired up. IT idled flawlessly at 900 RPM's perfectly. I have put a couple hundred road miles on the truck since then, still working on getting all the box fished together and so forth. Still runs flawlessly. A long ways from where this truck was.

    The moral of the story here is for all you folks out there who have had or are having carb issues. Send your carb to GR and spend the $225 to have it cleaned and tuned. It will save you some much time and headaches. TO say the least.
  2. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    HMM I just ordered a kit, I wonder if they would put it in for me?
  3. rugerman

    rugerman Bronze Supporting Member

    If any small passeges are clogged in your carb, a rebuild kit won't help. I would send back the kit and do what I did.
  4. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    I had asked and they told me they didn't work on them
    Ok I'll give him an Email!
  5. slabguy

    slabguy New Member

    I took my 91 carry to G&R for some other work and had them rebuild the carb while they had it. It made a HUGE difference. I believe I paid $275 which included them removing and re-installing the carb. Best money I've spent on this truck so far.
  6. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    They just quoted me $287
  7. rugerman

    rugerman Bronze Supporting Member

    I would gladly pay 287 to get it done right. saves so many hours of searching this site.

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