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Canadian owner locations

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Spottings' started by Subaru, Sep 7, 2008.


Canadian Locations

  1. Western Canada

    96 vote(s)
  2. Central Canada

    29 vote(s)
  3. Eastern Canada

    41 vote(s)
  1. MacGaradh

    MacGaradh New Member

    I'm on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia with my 1990 Hijet. Lovin' it!!!
  2. peappygymncep

    peappygymncep New Member

    Devis site internet

    Clearly, thanks for an explanation.
  3. victory12

    victory12 New Member

    I will be getting a sambar, ordered and paid my money now the waiting time to suffer 3-4weeks. Then their will be one more in mid Vancouver Island.

    virtual assistant
  4. Righthand Redneck

    Righthand Redneck New Member

    Honda Acty, Winkler Manitoba IMG_0295.JPG
  5. Tinytoy

    Tinytoy Member

    Nice! Good to see you use yours too!
  6. Luke

    Luke New Member

    New owner, quebec city 87 carry(only way to get around those ridiculous rhd laws
    insurance has been an even bigger pain, hey at least it is cheaper than it is in ontario, but no collision so :S
  7. Borg

    Borg Member

    Fergus, Ontario.

    1991 Honda Acty

    Neighbour has a 1991 Subaru Sambar, I'm pretty sure he posts on this forum.
  8. lukaslamrock

    lukaslamrock New Member

    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada!

    1994 subaru sambar super deluxe
  9. Lethbridge_man

    Lethbridge_man New Member

    Lethbridge, Alberta here. I have a 1996 Daihatsu Midget II that I drive every day. There are SO many mini trucks here!
  10. neller

    neller New Member

    Oshawa, Ont. area 1990 subaru sambar diff.-lock ,selective 4x4 . I have done a number of minor repairs... truck appeared to have been well looked after when I got it. Hope to have it for a long time to come...lots of fun and it certainly will do it's fair share of work ! Regards to all.
  11. neller

    neller New Member

    The model (super deluxe) , what features does that incorporate ? Thanks
  12. mattdv

    mattdv New Member

    Just felt like I should check in. I've pulled a lot of information off this board and wants let yous all know there is another mini truck in SO. I bought a 1994 Subaru Sambar from Right Drive in Toronto. Good guys to deal with. I drove it down through Toronto after I picked it up to look at some job sites and got lots of smiles and waves. Then drove it home to Clinton. Drives real nice. Can't wait to load up all my hunting gear and drive out into the field.

  13. Camo mini truck

    Camo mini truck New Member

    I'm in Hinton alberta. 92 daihatsu hijet.
  14. Papagator

    Papagator Member

    90 Carry 2 1/2 lift and fully decked out for hunting in Summerland, BC
  15. fishinator

    fishinator New Member

    1994 Diahatsu Hijet Climber in Manitouwadge,ON

  16. blubbles

    blubbles New Member

    Just got word that my 1998 Hijet is on her way. Will be another happy Calgary Alberta owner.
  17. Bullseye

    Bullseye New Member

    Just bought myself a 1991 Suzuki Carry .... I am from Lacombe, Alberta !!!

    Hope to use it for my business ...Property Maintenance company. Hope to put a plow on it and do small jobs AND have a little fun doing it !!! And be my "tool shed" for the other 3 seasons. Use it for small handyman jobs !!
  18. Righthand Redneck

    Righthand Redneck New Member

    Flying to BC on Tuesday and will be driving a 91 Jumbo cab back to Manitoba. Owned a Suzuki Carry and a Honda Acty. looking forward to a bit of storage in the cab!
  19. DD51T

    DD51T New Member

    Missed this thread....

    1995 Suzuki Carry in Calgary
  20. mneuls

    mneuls New Member

    just ordered a 1999 diahatsu, should be here around mid-april. Northern BC.

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