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Can we cross the US with kei truck? 25year rule..

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by chinacchi, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. mr.mindless

    mr.mindless Member

  2. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    There are many obstacles to running the world with mini truck campers.. :(

    Agree with you about obstacles.

    Even travelers may be able to register?? :)[/QUOTE]

    Kinda sounds like it may be possible for you to register a vehicle. I do have a friend who is Australian, he & his wife visit the US every other year and he rents a vehicle to drive in the US, He uses his Aussie Driver License. I have lived here in the ROP for somewhat over 3 years now and still have my Arizona State Driver License which is still valid, but I also have a Philippine Driver License as they do allow one to drive on a foreign license for 90 days while visiting or until converting. I am sure there should be some reciprocity between the US & Japan. You will have to check. All the states honor each others Driver License, so if you can get verification that one state will honor your Japanese License, then you should be good to go.

  3. DWils

    DWils Member

    Good luck! The United States is very wide and there is a lot of distance between one coast and the other.
    You can drive here if you have a Japanese driver license and if you obtain an international driver license.
  4. srmoose

    srmoose New Member

    Hi, Maybe a little late to reply but.
    If you are Japanese and coming to the USA as a tourist you can bring your own car from Japan. You will be able to bring a much newer mini truck that would be better on USA roads. US routes would still be better than the Interstates.
    Visitors to the USA may bring their own foreign car with their own registration and plates for 1 year. The vehicle would be exempt from EPA and DOT regulations and you can drive in all of the states or Canada or Mexico. On the side of your license plate you should have a white oval with the letter "J" for Japan on it to comply with the international regulations.
    You would need a temporary export permit from Japan so you could bring the vehicle back without any trouble. 2 weeks before you travel you need to contact the EPA and let them know you are bringing your car to the USA as a tourist for up to 1 year.
    This is under the ATA Carnet, Customs Conventions on the Temporary Importation of Private Road Vehicles.
    EPA and Customs regulations allow for the temporary importation of nonconforming vehicles with EPA pre-approval for the following purposes:
    By Exemption: Testing, Display, Repair or alteration, Nonresident, Competition/Racing. Use box "O" on EPA 3520-1 Contact EPA 2 weeks before leaving at imports@epa.gov
    DOT says, The importer's passport number and the name of the country that issued the passport must be supplied on the DOT Declaration form HS-7 use Box 5
    For Export Import info for a Carnet look at Japan Customs web site under;
    7306 Export/Import Procedure for Private Automobiles Using a Carnet (Foreign Carnet) (FAQ)
    7306 自家用自動車通関手帳(カルネ)による輸出入手続(外国カルネ)(カスタムスアンサー)

    Shipping should be around $700+- USD each way.
    So in my opinion, bring your own vehicle from Japan, bring a mini truck 4wd camper!
    best of luck
  5. Maximal

    Maximal Member

    as said you should be able to bring over a foreign vehicle to the USA for 1 year or the like, after that there shouldnt be any issues. i drove my Toyota Crown from here in Canada down through the USA far before it was even technically legal/importable in the USA and it doesnt matter, they cant stop you at the border because its legal in the country of origin. i used to work with a guy that drove Alberta-El Salvador no issues

    only warning i have is that would be a brutal drive, i drove 700ish KM from Lethbridge to Edmonton in my old 91 Sambar and albeit it was -25c and in winter, that was a crazy brutal drive of 120km max and 80kmh up hills. i did round trip Edmonton-Calgary this summer around 1000km total and even that got uncomfortable after the first couple hours driving, i cant imagine going across the USA
  6. Tuskano

    Tuskano Member

    Late in the reply as well... but I am in WA, nw of Seattle. I agree with what everyone above said so I won't repeat anything. Under 25 and your perfectly fine. I have not done a cross country, but I have driven from Oregon and south to central California in my Hijet using the Pacific Coast Highway and was not hassled with at all. My Hijet is under 25 and has normal WA plates so I could do highways if I decided to.

    Good luck and enjoy your trip! Someday I want to drive my Hijet from WA to the east coast... would be a fun trip.
  7. Guytouk

    Guytouk New Member

    In case i did miss part of these info, i have a suziki carry 1991, ;left side seering, Insperc and approve in Quebec, build a ''small camper on it and would like to do a road trip from Quebec to south like New Orlean, Colorado and New Mexico. Just the back road if possible. Can you see the possibility Thanks, Guytouk
  8. Guytouk

    Guytouk New Member

    By the way, i am in no rush, retired from the run......
  9. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    licensed and titled in Canada you'll have no issue. For all legal purposes it is a Canada spec vehicle although it would actually comply with US spec being a 1991. If you wanted to buy a newer one under Canada's 15 year or older clause, then your still good since it would be Canada spec for all legal purpose
  10. Maximal

    Maximal Member

    we dont have to conform to USA standards to cross the border for visitation, i took my Toyota Crown through the US far before it was 25 years old. as long as its registered and insured here in Canada youre good to go
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  11. Guytouk

    Guytouk New Member

    Thanks guys, now the next brave one that can put togeter some kind of back road map win the bottle of wisky delever at his place on my trip hihi
    Thanks again Guytouk
  12. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    You should find i much easier to find a backroad route north/south than east/west.


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