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Camo Mini Trucks

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by MiniMuscle, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    nice pics - looks like good work - pricey though
  2. Bisqwik

    Bisqwik New Member

    This is green bedliner finish with air brush our it.
  3. LarryMorris

    LarryMorris New Member

    Look great and very well thought out.
    Where did you get the fender skirt extensions. Been looking for some.

    Larry Morris
  4. Shrimp Daddy

    Shrimp Daddy Member

    I was just thinking the same thing. Where do you get the fender skirts? Just got the mini a couple weeks ago and as everyone says, it is throwing mud and such. I will need some fender flares/fender skirts/converted semi truck mud flaps cut to strips around the fender.
  5. Badgerland

    Badgerland Member

    I just received some of the exact same fender flare material as pictured. We're going to install a set on one of our trucks (while taking measurements) to see what we can put a kit together for price-wise and what the best attachment method will be.

    I'll keep you posted!
  6. mitsu911

    mitsu911 Member

    No sheets for me, I am painting mine with Camo spray paint. I paint the base color and then use leafs and such and paint different colors. Do a search for camo 101 and 102 on Youtube.
  7. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    is that last picture a wrap or painted? I don't recognize the pattern, but it looks awesome.
  8. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member

    Stencil kit

    This took me a little over three hours to complete. 1 stencil kit from ebay complete with spray cans. Had to buy an extra black and the green(to match ejection seat) though. Stencil was very easy to use. Very easy to fix when u screw up also. Glad I didn't go with the wrap I'm not good with that sort of thing.

    Attached Files:

  9. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member

    That is KOOL!
  10. minniman

    minniman New Member

    awesome pics - a real artist there
  11. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    very creative - thanks for sharing
  12. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    How long does it take using the stencil kit?
  13. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member

    Don't know about that Cool truck. But if you were talking to me, the kit I used was a piece of cake. I am a painter by trade so I was way overthinking it. I Put a base coat of (PPG Direct to Rust epoxy) tan over the whole truck. Only reason I used that was I had a couple of kits left from a job I did. Got the stencil kit off EBAY. They also sell it at Cabellas. Just a matter of tacking the top of the stencil on the truck with a couple of pieces of masking tape and spray away. Then move it over up down whatever you want and repeat. Only advise I would give is to wear a glove on your non spraying hand so you can maneuver the stencil in and out of the curved areas while spraying. Impossible to screw up. Just run your first stencil over the whole truck and then the second one. Buy extra spray bombs, the ones that come with it are not enough. Stencils holds up well, you could probably do several trucks before they became unusable.

    Good Luck, Terry
  14. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    not a bad way to go
  15. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    getting ready to wrap one in PINK camo next - that should look cool
  16. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    lol take some pics of that!
  17. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    will try to - it is in the Realtree AP pink......
  18. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    Just so you all know - Camo4u is making their material a little bit different. It comes in a continuous roll now instead of sheets. Kinda handy if you need a piece longer than 5 feet.
  19. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    Since I have got quite a few PMs about this, I thought I would mention that the camo sheets are still available from Camo4u for $50 a sheet. Just call 434-229-8468 and mention this forum.....
  20. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    Lifetime Warranty against fading too...

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