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Bring back the free car forsale section!

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by gumballf355, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Subaru

    Subaru Member

    I think kmoniel and mods are doing a great job for the money we spend here:D or do not spend here in the case of some members

    If it is as cheap,easy,and profitable as some members think,then why are they not doing it as well:rolleyes:

    Maybe a little less time trying to argue and piss of members,and more time spent helping and sharing ideas:frustration:
    Get out and drive your trucks and remember why we all came here in the first place:cool:
  2. 350v8s10

    350v8s10 Member

    I donate to all 4 of the Internet forums I frequent and spend about $100 a year to do so. It is a very small drop in the bucket compared to what I pay eBay & PayPal to sell my stuff and much less than what I pay Dish TV for what little I watch. eBay reaches a much wider market and makes sales easily for me (I have over 2000 transactions completed), but it is NOT cheap. Plus, I actually enjoy the forums more than the TV. That said, I have no issue with the fee structure here nor do I care what the Kevin does with what I send in. I don't have any immediate plan to sell anything here, but I do support the current fee structure and will continue to do so as long as I frequent the list.

    As an aside, I will buy my accessories from the paying sponsors here whenever possible. I hope others do the same to make their site support fees pay off for them in profits.
  3. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    Kevin, I agree with you. I am tired of grown men complaining about a few dollars just to post a sale ad. (especially on a site like this that is geared towards mini-trucks)

    When I sold my previous mini-truck the dealer found me a buyer so I wouldn't have to go looking around and messing with people who weren't interested, etc. I was happy to pay them their cut ($500) so my truck would sell.

    So what's $15 if it helps you find your target audience to sell your truck/parts?

    Kids these days spend more than that on necklaces.
  4. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    I put my money where my mouth is. I signed up for 2 years. Best money I will spend this year for the next 2 years. $25 that is what I spend on dinner for my wife and I out on the town. I am happy to help support the site. One of the best I have ever been on.

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