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Discussion in 'United States' started by bigearslgc, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. bigearslgc

    bigearslgc New Member

    black mountain offroad park. In harlan ky., they allow any offroad vehicles in the park. All riding is free of charge. try:harlancountytrails.com for more info
  2. Mini4WD

    Mini4WD Member

    Thanks for the link. Looks like a pretty nice place from what I have seen so far. Have you been there yet?
  3. bigearslgc

    bigearslgc New Member

    yes ive been there several times. its only about an hour and a half from where i live. i have not got to ride it in a mini truck yet, because i cant afford to buy one., i have to many other toys right now. and have a baby on the way. but it is a great place to ride, youll find all types of offroad veh. there. Anything from full on rockbuggies, to kids on mini bikes and go carts. there is plenty places to camp or there is an RV park at the bailey creek trail head. another cool site is www.kymc.org. this is a local club of the harlan area.

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