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Big 3 upgrade on the mini! Need confirmation and help

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Tripthyme, Nov 27, 2022.

  1. Tripthyme

    Tripthyme Member Supporting Member

    So as stated i started to do the big 3 upgrade. 4awg on the battery to freshly shined metal for the ground. 4 awg from battery + to starter (starter is still in the mail). New 6awg grounds on engine. Got to my alternator wire and its been chewed and burnt a bit. But from the wiring diagrams I have it shows alternator to main fuse then back to starter. Can I just run it to the battery and still have a closed loop in my electric. Wiring diagrams really throw a wrench into my brain. And because of the wiring the way it is I guess this would be a big 4 upgrade.

    I believe it needs to go to the fuse first because that would be vehicles main power starting point. Unless I ran alternator to battery then back up to main fuse or am I able to put 2 lines from the alternator 1 to battery 1 to main? But this may throw off the sensing and push more amps to the main?
    Sorry for so many questions but like I said wrench in my brain!

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