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Better More Active Mini Truck Site?

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by Fierce, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Fierce

    Fierce New Member

    Hi all, is there a better more productive mini truck site out there? this one seems very very dormant sadly.

  2. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Member

    As far as I know this is the only game in town.It used to be real active but I think the govt. has just about starved us out with all the import restrictions. I guess that was the idea from the start.Every now and then a few new guys will discover these trucks and get real enthused for a while but burn out pretty quick because the older guys who have the answers to their questions have answered the same thing so many times they burn out and drop along the wayside.There is a wealth of information hidden away here but this software is not real user friendly, search wise, so a lot of it is wasted.
    I saw your post about going with the Mitsubishi so if you can find old posts by member"Dan" there is a gold mine there.I haven't seen him post in a long time but he maintained a fleet of them at one time for a golf course as I remember, but they went a different direction and Dan sold off a ton of parts then faded away.
    Good luck and hang in there you seem like the kind of guy that can figure them out and enjoy them while we can.
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  3. Sgt-Hack

    Sgt-Hack New Member

  4. Sgt-Hack

    Sgt-Hack New Member

    I'm one of the enthusiastic new guys. I just imported a 90 Suzuki myself with the help of a broker in Japan. To my amazement it went very smooth. The most difficult part was picking it up at the Port in NY/NJ (5 hour wait). Customs was quick and easy. This forum was loaded with info on the trucks causing me to join so I could reap full benifits
  5. kmoneil

    kmoneil Administrator Staff Member

    We use to have tons of people coming to the site adding information daily. All the regulations and bs pretty much made ppl upset and they sold their trucks. We use to have one, but no one in the area wanted to work on it and I'm not much of a mechanic. The site is still loaded with information.
  6. Joshish

    Joshish New Member

    Im new to the site, but am a mechanic and would gladly work on any brand mini near me, in north central Arkansas
  7. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    I just bought a 91 Cary and have it street legal and plan on using it every day as a plumbing truck!
    As soon as I get my pipe rack done I'll try to post pics!
    I also plan on putting in an article in the Plumbing Digest Mag and show off the basic attributes of the mini trucks!
    Once I do I'll try to find a link?
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  8. jaxondes

    jaxondes New Member

    Are you guys that are talking about the regulations in the USA? Up in Canada, the only regulation we have is that they have to be 15 years or older, and have to pass a very strict mechanical safety inspection before they can be insured.
  9. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    Every country has their own regs & rules. Here in the Philippines, the Kei vehicles are standard and all over the place comparable to Fords & GMs in the states. The Ford Ranger is a large vehicle here for private use.

  10. matt167

    matt167 Member

    Yeah, USA it's 25yrs or older are legal to import as a road vehicle BUT not a lot of people know about it and just conform to the " Mini Truck States " which allow mini trucks through a special classification..

    I predict that they are going to get more popular as the 25yr exemption becomes more well known and the supply of 25 year old trucks stays good
  11. Dezrik

    Dezrik New Member

    My DMV Will not allow you to register mini trucks as road vehicles, unless they are registered as a ATV with street plates, which is restricted to roads less then 30mph.
  12. matt167

    matt167 Member

    Find another DMV.. 25 or older is Federally legal in the USA. The only exceptions to that are emissions related and points namely to California since 1975 or newer must be CARB certified. Federally the EPA certifies grey market vehicles as compliance thru exemption at 21 years, and DOT exemption/ compliance at 25 years
  13. Dezrik

    Dezrik New Member

    There is no other dmv for my county :p, I might press them to allow for road use soon, since my mini will have samurai axles, and a honda civic motor soon.
  14. matt167

    matt167 Member

    Many DMV's don't know the laws for imported vehicles so they assume it can't be done. With mini truck laws likely in your state they are confused most likely. Mini truck laws only apply to trucks that are not federally legal ( 25 years ). It would be best to find the information on the state DMV site and present it to them.

    At the first local DMV I went to, they told me I needed written approval from the Japanese consolate to register the truck, and I was like "Umm no...". That was after I had verified the truck would be 100% legal and bought it for a daily driver. Went to another DMV I had heard did a few of the trucks and while the lady on duty did not exactly know how or what paperwork she needed and was new at the process, but she knew I had everything in order and processed my truck and gave me tags
  15. Dezrik

    Dezrik New Member

    I believe mine is going to be harder to get street plates, because its not imported Its american made at least half of it is.

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