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Best oil weight for a kei truck?

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Ciaran_Zagami, Feb 20, 2024.


What oil weight would you sooner use in your truck, assuming they both cost the same.

Poll closed Feb 27, 2024.
  1. 10W-30

  2. 15W-40

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  1. Ciaran_Zagami

    Ciaran_Zagami New Member

    I've heard some people suggest that you should use 15W-40, but I've also heard people say you should just use 10W-30 oil. Especially if you live in a colder climate like Canada.
    I even saw a picture of a guy who (supposedly) used 0W-30 on his Suzuki Cappuchino and blew out his entire valve train...Which just seems like a really dumb thing to do? The only cars I know of that use 0W-30 are mercedes cars.

    I drive a Mitsubishi Minicab U41 with a 657cc 3G83 in it, I run 10W-30 and so far (knock on wood) haven't had any issues. I'm curious what oil you use?
  2. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    5w40 rotella t6 is what i run in everything.. its got all the synthetic dinosaurs you could ever want
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  3. rmay635703

    rmay635703 Member

    I recommend going to bobistheoilguy

    0w30 used in place of 10w30 blowing out a drivetrain, is well impossible .

    if it did blow it was going to blow anyway unless the vehicle spec’d something wildly different like 10w50.

    Has anyone gotten the manuals translated for the common big 4 kei trucks?

    Given how simple these are and the fact when they import to Australia they get a mile long list of different acceptable grades based on temperature I’m gonna say it probably doesn’t matter so long as you use common 30wt + oils and change often
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