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bc mini truck owners

Discussion in 'Canada' started by bc mini trucks, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    truck in tree's BC4x4.jpg old cut block trail BC4x4.jpg finding a way out of a tight spot BC4x4.jpg steep trail BC4x4.jpg

    here some of the trailers i have been on around Kereomoes and Headley. lots of fun.

  2. McKay8BA

    McKay8BA New Member

    Hello, I am new to this site and very interested in these mini cab-overs. Been retired for a few years and the old enduro motorcycle gets harder to ride each year. I live just south of Osoyoos in the US and love to explore the great back country of Northern B.C. Been searching for info if these little 4x4 trucks are street legal in B.C.? They are not street legal in Washington State, but can be tagged as a ATV and insured for road use as some Washington public roads are open for ATV use. I am looking for a Ford Pronto. It is left-hand drive, imported/made in Taiwan by Suzuki (Carry) and sold by Ford in Taiwan. Might there be any in Canada? Thanks for any and all help
  3. Phinney2

    Phinney2 New Member

    so i tried to lift my carry but the cv shafts bind any info or advice? thanx
  4. FiveOneOh

    FiveOneOh Member

    Most of our truck come in from Japan and are RHD. They are street legal here once they hit 15 years of age.
  5. FiveOneOh

    FiveOneOh Member

    smaller lift :)
  6. FiveOneOh

    FiveOneOh Member

    Off Road Adventures

    So who is up for some exploring around Harrison? I'd like to get together with some other local minis and head into the bush. Going out with big lifted trucks is no fun... They just cruise over stuff that looks like a canyon to my Sambar...

    Contact me in this thread and PM me!

    This was from Jan 13th/13


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    Last edited: Jan 15, 2013
  7. Phinney2

    Phinney2 New Member

    hi i live in langley and have a suzuki carry i am trying to lift but i am a little worried about doing it from all the forms that i have read with all the problems people are having. so far i get that i can only lift it 2" safely? is there anyone here in bc that has a lift kit i can buy and has done it so i can see or just talk to you about it? thanks
  8. FiveOneOh

    FiveOneOh Member

    I think there's quite a few guys running around with 2 inch lifts without an issue. Anything past that you are making some pretty extreme angles in the suspension and drive line. I'm at stock height and its been fine so far, 2" should be plenty IMHO.
  9. Phinney2

    Phinney2 New Member

    Ya I would stay stock but the tires I have are to big lol. So 2" sounds about right. Does anyone around here have a kit or know where I can get one close by?

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