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AZ Support SB1464 Street use of Mini Trucks

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by stevert, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. stevert

    stevert Member

  2. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member

    Sounds Great

    I Got An Email From Jack Harper A Couple Of Weeks Ago. Asking How The Buisiness Venture Was Going. I Had Wrote To Him In Support Of Your Bill, So He Must Have Confused Me With You. I Replied And Told Him He Had Me Confused With You. Didn't Have Your Contact Info, Hope He Got In Touch With You. Terry
  3. stevert

    stevert Member

    Unanimous House decision!?!?!

    Unanimous House decision!?!?!

    BILL STATUS VOTES FOR SB1464 - Transportation (HOUSE REPS)
    4/4/2008 8:42:45 PM
    Vote Detail For SB1464 - Transportation Referral

    Y = Yes
    N = No
    EXC = Excused
    AB = Absent
    P = Present Member Name Vote Member Name Vote Member Name Vote

    Jerry Weiers AB
    Ed Ableser AB
    Sam Crump Y :D
    Steve Farley Y
    Nancy McLain Y
    John B. Nelson Y
    Tom Prezelski Y
    Jackie Thrasher Y
    Marian McClure Y :)
    Andy Biggs Y

    8-Yes's to 0-No's

    On the senate front...

    4/4/2008 8:42:43 PM Vote Detail For SB1464 - Transportation Referral
    BILL STATUS VOTES FOR SB1464 - Transportation

    Y = Yes
    N = No
    NV = Not Voting
    EXC = Excused Member

    Robert Blendu Y :D
    Victor Soltero Y
    Pamela Gorman Y
    Ron Gould Y
    Rebecca Rios NV

    4 Y's to 0 N's


    TITLE: venture trucks; regulation
    SENATE FIRST READ: 02/05/08
    SECOND READ: 02/11/08
    Vote Detail 02/11/08 TRANS 02/26/08 (4-0-1-0) DP
    02/11/08 RULES 03/05/08 PFC
    MAJORITY CAUCUS: 03/06/08 Y
    MINORITY CAUCUS: 03/06/08 Y
    CONSENT CALENDAR: 03/05/08 2:46 PM
    Vote Detail 03/10/08 17 9 4 0 PASSED
    TRANSMIT TO HOUSE: 03/10/08
    HOUSE FIRST READ: 03/20/08
    Vote Detail 03/20/08 TRANS 04/03/08 (8-0-0-2-0) DP
    03/20/08 RULES
    SECOND READ: 03/24/08

    So far so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People in AZ, THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT I HAVE SEEN & HEARD ABOUT in getting word to AZ Government.

    Almost there!!!!:D
  4. zbadboy

    zbadboy Member

    Great News:):d:):d
  5. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    Super!!! What's the next step??? :cool:
  6. zbadboy

    zbadboy Member

    Govenor's Signature. Got a Pen?
  7. stevert

    stevert Member

    14 APR 2008 News

    HOUSE Third Reading

    :mad: 9 no's
    Paula Aboud N
    Marsha Arzberger N
    Meg Burton Cahill N
    Leah Landrum Taylor N
    Jorge Luis Garcia N
    Barbara Leff N
    Charlene Pesquiera N
    Debbie McCune Davis N
    Richard Miranda N

    :sly: 4 no votes
    Carolyn S. Allen NV
    Jake Flake NV
    Albert Hale NV
    Rebecca Rios NV

    :D 17 Yes Votes!!!
    Amanda Aguirre Y
    Robert Blendu Y
    Robert "Bob" Burns Y
    Ken Cheuvront Y
    Pamela Gorman Y
    Ron Gould Y
    Chuck Gray Y
    Linda Gray Y
    Jack W. Harper Y
    John Huppenthal Y
    Karen Johnson Y
    Tom O'Halleran Y
    Victor Soltero Y
    Jay Tibshraeny Y
    Thayer Verschoor Y
    Jim Waring Y
    Timothy S. Bee Y

    15Apr08 10:30am Vote MINORITY CAUCUS: 04/15/08 Y

    26 total votes
    17 YES votes... (2/3) of 26 = 17.3333333 2/3's majority vote is a Pass to Me!!!
  8. Samurai9

    Samurai9 Member

    Positive action in one state might help convince legislatures in other states to allow these trucks on low speed roads or country roads.

    Good luck on this,

  9. What reason did the others have to vote no? Do they enjoy seeing their constituents NOT getting any relief from gas prices? I would be sure to send a letter to each "NO" vote and let them know how you and everyone you know will be voting when reelection time comes around.
  10. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member

    Was wondering how this bill was doing?

    Seems like ADOT is fighting this if I read this correctly.:(

    According to the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division, MVD has been gathering information on this issue over the past two months. MVD reports that last week, the Division received the following information from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA):

    South Dakota
    Classifies these types of vehicles as All Terrain Vehicles – operated as off-highway vehicles.

    North Dakota
    Classifies these types of vehicles as Off-Highway Vehicles – operated on some public roads.

    Classifies these types of vehicles as Slow Moving Vehicles (SMVs) – Texas will not title and register vehicles as an SMV that is manufactured to travel over 25 miles per hour. K-class trucks are equipped with a governor that limits travel speed to 25 miles per hour as a condition of import, however, Texas states that if a governor can be placed on a vehicle it can be taken off and therefore Texas does not title and register these vehicles for on-road use.
  11. stevert

    stevert Member

    I spoke to Brian Townsend, Sen Ron Gould Staff Last Tues about the bill. He said witin 2-3 weeks there will be one more read on the bill. So far so good.

    smoothstroke, you say, "Seems like ADOT is fighting this if I read this correctly".

    Can you post the link where you read this info?

    Both the AZ Senate and House Transportation Committies had to Vote on the bill before it could be allowed for voting on the floor. The transportation committies are who write transportation laws for AZ.
  12. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member

  13. Cavvietta

    Cavvietta Guest

    Soooo ???

    So what happened with the vote ?
    Don't leave us hanging.
    Are they now legal in AZ on city streets or not ?
    I read this thread 3 times and i am still confused.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 9, 2008
  14. zbadboy

    zbadboy Member

    It passed in both the house and senate. It has to be read and voted on again because they changed a couple of words in reference to crossing a road with a speed limit in excess of 35 mph. Once it is passed the Govenor needs to sign it. Speculation is it will go into affect in August time frame.
  15. stevert

    stevert Member

    3rd and Final Read! PASSED!!!!

    Floor Amend to Bill - Nelson - passed

    Then voted....

    Vote Detail 05/07/08 35 20 5 0 Y PASSED!!!!!

    Ed Ableser N
    Olivia Cajero Bedford N
    David Bradley N
    Chad Campbell N
    Steve M. Gallardo N
    Ben R. Miranda N
    Phil Lopes N
    Linda Lopez N
    David Lujan N
    Martha Garcia N
    Nancy Young Wright N
    Tom Prezelski N
    Lynne Pancrazi N
    Pete Rios N
    David Schapira N
    Kyrsten Sinema N
    Albert Tom N
    Theresa Ulmer N
    Robert Meza N
    19 No's

    Kirk Adams NV
    Cloves C. Campbell, Jr. NV
    Rich Crandall NV
    Tom Chabin NV
    Bill Konopnicki NV
    5 NO VOTE

    Manuel V. Alvarez Y
    Mark Anderson Y
    Ray Barnes Y
    Nancy K. Barto Y
    Andy Biggs Y
    Tom Boone Y
    Jack A. Brown Y
    Judy M. Burges Y
    Jennifer J. Burns Y
    Doug Clark Y
    Sam Crump Y
    Mark DeSimone Y
    Adam Driggs Y
    Steve Farley N
    Eddie Farnsworth Y
    Trish Groe Y
    Pete Hershberger Y
    John Kavanagh Y
    Lucy Mason Y
    Marian McClure Y
    John McComish Y
    Barbara McGuire Y
    Nancy McLain Y
    Rick Murphy Y
    John B. Nelson Y
    Warde V. Nichols Y
    Jonathan Paton Y
    Russell K. Pearce Y
    Michele Reagan Y
    Bob Robson Y
    Bob Stump Y
    Jackie Thrasher Y
    Andrew M. Tobin Y
    Jerry Weiers Y
    Steven B. Yarbrough Y
    Jim Weiers Y
    Total YES 36

    Now I think it go's before the GOV to Sign into law!!!!
  16. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member


    Hey Stevert, Either way it go's. I would like to thank you for all your work on this. Thank You!:) Terry
  17. stevert

    stevert Member

    Here we are with the bill

    The house voted and passed the bill. However they changed 2 words in the bill the required the Senate to re-vote on the bill's changes. They approved the changes and Passed the bill! Sen Ron Gould Emailed Me and said it's on it's way to the Gov to sign into LAW! The gov can veto the bill then the AZ LEG can re vote a 2/3 vote to pass it into law, but I don't see why the gov wouldn't just sign it into Law....

    ALMOST THERE!!!!!!

  18. Spdracr

    Spdracr New Member

    November 1 here in Oklahoma

    I hear everything has passed and Nov 1 we will be able to tag these trucks here. I can't wait. There is so much more interest here now everyone hears about tagging them. Wish all states would do this.
  19. stevert

    stevert Member

    Oklahoma is also passing Law to allow Street use Nov1,08? Very Nice!
  20. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member

    Gas Prices

    Maybe with the price of fuel skyrocketing some of these legislatures will get there act together like AZ and OK have.

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