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AZ Support SB1464 Street use of Mini Trucks

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by stevert, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. stevert

    stevert Member


    I have been working with Senator Ron Gould sponsored SB1464. It will be heard in the transportation committee, that He chairs, soon.
    Senator Ron GouldServing Arizona's 3rd District,

    I have been working with State Rep: Trich Grow, Andy Tobin, Transportation commity member Jerry Weiers.

    BTW for those who are don't know, Federal DOT and State DOT work together, not in conflict. Each state has permission to enact there own laws for local city travel as there state see's fit. Federal law will step in on interstate issues however. Talk to your local state rep or Senator and educate yourself.

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  2. stevert

    stevert Member

    Let me add that these trucks are viewed as off road trucks like yamaha rhino's and will not require a "DEALERS LICENSE" to sale despite some looming fears, if made street legal.
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  3. Gawdzuki

    Gawdzuki New Member

    Looks like there is alot of information in that article. But, in a nut shell it looks as if you will be allowed to drive these on a road as long as the posted speed limit is 35 or less. Similar to a golf cart community.
  4. stevert

    stevert Member

    We need your support on SB1464 is a bill we are hoping to be passed into law that would allow,

    Japanese kei class mini trucks to be driven on city streets.

    This bill classifies Japanese mini trucks as "venture trucks".


    The Bill will be presented for approval by the transportation Senate Standing Committee

    Ron Gould (Chairman Republican Intern)
    Pamela Gorman (Vice-Chairman Democratic Analyst)
    Robert Blendu (Member Republican Analyst)
    Rebecca Rios (Member Democratic Intern)
    Victor Soltero

    Please write these senators and express your views of support before 23 Feb 08!


    50mpg Vehicles.... GAS $4.00 per GAL!!!

    Please support SB1464

    In AZ we enjoy the liberties of ATV’s, UTV’s, Golf Carts Buggies ect. to be registered for street Hwy use if modified for Hwy use. Most use these vehicles as an alternative means of transportation given our current gas costs. Many vehicles have been registered as a result where many people enjoy travel on roadways in these types of vehicles. I even saw TV programs of AZ State reps that also enjoy travels with these types of vehicles.

    Recently I had the opportunity to purchase two Japanese Kei class Micro trucks (Suzuki Carry with dual safety airbags & Honda Acty). They are a 660cc gasoline motor that get 50mpg, 4x4 with AC & Heater. The come equipped with smog equipment like a catalytic converter and egr valve and very quiet muffler. The have shoulder & lap safety belts and have all necessary equipment to be safely driven on-road.

    They have everything one would need to drive legally on the road and very versatile in a grocery getter, construction, farming/ranching, parts truck ect. They are imported and sold in the US for off road use only however given the liberties of this great state, I was sure that I would have no problem registering these vehicles. Not so, The MVD and the local inspector stated I could not. I do not understand why other that political red tape.

    MANY in my community have expressed huge interest in these vehicles and inspired me to become a dealer. This may be a great opportunity for me as well as others across the state of AZ. What can I/we do bring attention to this subject to inspire laws that would allow these vehicles for on-road travel?

    The truck (Japanese KEI class 660cc mini trucks) I have purchased from the importer are;

    • Not new
    • Do not have a certificate of origin
    • Do not have a VIN number, but rather a chassis serial number
    • The only documents are a bill of sale that states “sold as off-road use” and the Japanese vehicle title with a translated copy.

    Can an off-road vehicle that is lawfully imported to the US be allowed to;

    • Receive a AZ, LEVEL 2 DOT inspection
    • Issuance of a VIN
    • Issuance title

    Like the Yamaha 660cc Rhino?

    • Economic @ 50mpg 3cyl 660cc motor
    • 5spd Trans 4x4
    • Environmentally smog equipped
    • AC/Heat
    • 70+ mph
    • Dual air bags
    • DOT Safety glass
    • Seat belts
    • Horn, lights, signals, mirrors
    • Can fit in back of full size truck
    • Can fit a full size ATV in back of mini truck
    • 1000lbs, 5ft x 8ft
    • Inexpensive @ $6000.00 retail or less


    • Tourist Business guided rental tours
    • Detail truck
    • Parts or pesticide truck
    • Search/rescue fire PD patrol truck
    • Mail truck
    • Grocery getter
    • Construction truck for tight access
    • City work truck
    • City event truck
    • Neighborhood truck
    • Hunting
    • Camping
    • Prospecting
    • Search and rescue
    • Hotel truck

    I started a company, Redline Speed Marine where we hope to do business in sales and customizing. I have a list of people that want these trucks for local use. After a recent city fair showing, I have had a large intrest from the community and City departments asking about street use! I answer questions on average of 3-6 A DAY!!! Most are 50 + years of age and 60% or so women! I told them I would be contacting you to find out what we as a group can do to help support a possible bill? These issue ARE being discussed over the internet in several forums.

    If you have any questions, Please call me any time at (928) 505-8378

    Thank You!
    Steve Astorga
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  5. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member

    Thanks for getting this started

    Hello, I sent an email to all my reps, plus an email thanking the sponsors. Good Luck Terry
  6. stevert

    stevert Member

    Thanks for your support! I hope more from AZ will support this bill.

    Ron Gould (Chairman Republican Intern)
    Pamela Gorman (Vice-Chairman Democratic Analyst)
    Robert Blendu (Member Republican Analyst)
    Rebecca Rios (Member Democratic Intern)
    Victor Soltero

    Please write these senators and express your views of support before 23 Feb 08!

  7. stevert

    stevert Member

  8. stevert

    stevert Member

    26Feb08: The bill was unanimously voted by Senate transportation committee to move to the next step towards becoming law.
  9. Dan

    Dan Member

    Way to go stevert!!
  10. Spdracr

    Spdracr New Member

    I think we are going to get to tag here in OK too...

    I have a friend who is a state senator and he is trying or all ready has a bill for these trucks. They will be classed in some class like 1600 lbs and over small truck. And we will get to tag them like a pickup or something like that. I will tag mine as a farm truck of course. He says this should go thru around June or July. There hasn't been any opposition to doing this from what he tells me. Hope all this goes thru.
  11. zbadboy

    zbadboy Member

    You know you have my complete support Steve;)
  12. oldplug1

    oldplug1 Member

    looks like it passed the AZ senate today

    Passed 17 to 9 w/ 4 no votes, now its off to the house.
    Good luck guys.
    Anyone know how many states mini trucks can be legally driven on the state roadways, and/or how many states are considering it?
  13. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    Congrats Stevert. Glad to see that AZ has once again made a good decision for it's Citizens.

    Spdracr, Hopefully, OK will follow the same path, and join the rest of the states like ours that recognize the benefits of allowing on road use.
  14. Colin

    Colin Member

    Sure hope so. :)
  15. stevert

    stevert Member

    Almost 1/2 Way There!!! Need Your Emails Az!

    Friday Mar 14, 2008 5:54pm

    SB1464 will be before the house in 3 weeks or so. Please write members of the house transportation committee listed below. Please tell them to please support this bill.

    I was told if it becomes law, we are looking around Aug or Sept 08 to take effect.


    House of Representatives Standing Committee

    Andy Biggs Chairman Democratic Analyst abiggs@azleg.gov
    Marian McClure Vice-Chairman mmcclure@azleg.gov
    Ed Ableser Member Republican Analyst eableser@azleg.gov
    Sam Crump Member Republican Intern scrump@azleg.gov
    Steve Farley Member Democratic Intern sfarley@azleg.gov
    Nancy McLain Member nmclain@azleg.gov
    John B. Nelson Member jnelson@azleg.gov
    Tom Prezelski Member tprezelski@azleg.gov
    Jackie Thrasher Member jthrasher@azleg.gov
    Jerry Weiers Member jpweiers@azleg.gov


    Steve Astorga
    (928) 505-8378
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  16. kitty32

    kitty32 New Member

    More States?

    I have been reading several posts here, and we are thinking of buying one of these Minis. We live in So Dak, and here they can be registered as an ATV (Class 2) and driven on any roads, except the interstate. Now in an earlier post someone asked if they are able to be licensed in the state you are from, can you cross into another state with them legally. I see that there was a reply, but to me it was confusing. So since I live in SD, and they are legal, (kind of), can I take it into MN, and NE, neither of which allow these to licensed as any type of on road vehicle.
    I say yes, because if it has a plate in your home state, and you are a resident of that state, then it doesn't matter which state you go to, because you are bound by your own state laws on this matter.
    Hubby says no! If you are going to drive in a state that does not allow these, then you can't drive them there. Same priniciple as speed limits, SD is 75, MN is 70. Just cuz you are from SD does not mean you can go 75 on their roads. Same same, when in their state you have to abide by their laws.

    Ok then, there are both sides,,, Which is it??? :frustration: LOL
    Thanks for reading!
  17. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    OK, you are asking another complex question that is not going to have a cut and dry answer.

    If SD is registering these trucks as ATV's. then the answer is NO, you cannot simply drive it across state lines, into another state - UNLESS they have similar laws on the books regarding on road use of ATV's. This is one of those areas that individual states can and will enforce their own laws, and you'll be expected to abide by them while visiting the neighbouring state.

    Now, what you CAN do, is drive one that is titled and registered for UNRESTRICTED on road use, into a neighbouring state. States WILL recognize a fully registered and tagged minitruck as road legal from another state. Now, if you DO cross the lines with one that is fully legal, into a state that does not allow them, DO expect to be stopped and questioned.
  18. kitty32

    kitty32 New Member

    Thanks so much for clearing that up better!!
    So now all that we have to do is wait until SD makes them a totally legal street vehicle before we cross state lines, but it still won't stop me from buying one of these great little trucks! Thanks again for the response!
  19. stevert

    stevert Member

    BILL STATUS VOTES FOR SB1464 - Third Reading

    Y = Yes
    N = No
    NV = Not Voting
    EXC = Excused
    V = Vacant Member Name Vote Member Name Vote Member Name Vote

    Paula Aboud N
    Marsha Arzberger N
    Meg Burton Cahill N
    Jorge Luis Garcia N
    Debbie McCune Davis N
    Barbara Leff N
    Leah Landrum Taylor N
    Charlene Pesquiera N
    Richard Miranda N

    Carolyn S. Allen NV
    Jake Flake NV
    Albert Hale NV
    Rebecca Rios NV

    Amanda Aguirre Y
    Robert Blendu Y
    Robert "Bob" Burns Y
    Ken Cheuvront Y
    Pamela Gorman Y
    Ron Gould Y
    Chuck Gray Y
    Linda Gray Y
    Jack W. Harper Y
    John Huppenthal Y
    Karen Johnson Y
    Tom O'Halleran Y
    Victor Soltero Y
    Jay Tibshraeny Y
    Thayer Verschoor Y
    Jim Waring Y
    Timothy S. Bee Y
  20. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    Wow, pretty close vote if you include the no votes. Enough of a majority to pass?

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