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Az Street Legal News Flash Alert 24aug09!!! Street Legal As Of 17 July 2009

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by stevert, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. o8k

    o8k Member

    The memo says nothing of requireing a level 2 inspection (where they would look at such things) but may be required at thier discression if you want to DOT Certify it. But let me inquire a bit further. Are you attempting to title it w/ a full size license plate and primary on-road use? If so, you may end up in that boat. I havent heard of anyone in here getting this accomplished in AZ to date.

    The MVD gave me these options when i went in... I have paraphrased and hope i represented this info correctly...

    The AZ memo provides direction to MVD employees for three types of Mini-truck operation (in this order in the memo)

    1. Off road only
    (you get a small ATV license plate with the "R" registration catagory)
    (you CANNOT lawfuly use this method to drive on AZ streets)
    (This requires level 1 inspection and does NOT require DOT,EPA stuff)
    2. On-highway use
    (You get a normal vehicle license plate)
    (This option MAY require a level 2 inspection and DOES require DOT,EPA stuff)
    (Requires YOU certify on form #96-0371 that you have modified your mini-truck in all ways needed to be DOT certified, which is all the junk you are talking about and way more than you probably want to know about) (which will most likly include the engine certification that is currently underway)
    3. occational on-highway use
    (You get a small ATV license plate with the "H" Registration catagory)
    (requiring you get a normal registration sticker)
    (This requires level 1 inspection and does NOT require DOT,EPA stuff)

    Option 3 allows you to lawfully use your mini-truck on "some" AZ public streets. But still call it an ATV to which DOT does not apply.. The exact laws on the road use resitrictions escape me at the moment but from memory all roads w/ 35mph or less and no interstate driving.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2010
  2. cheepBeer

    cheepBeer Member

    I am really confused:confused:... YOU r in AZ aren't u?????

    If the answer is YES then wot r u on about! Dot this n that, lights out, swamp tires and 3rd party inspectors. Do golf carts and ATV's that r running around in your area have all these?? NO!
    So just truck it to another DMV/MVD thats is not run by the same Supervisor/Boss. U don't have to comply with all the above as its not legally required and I understand not wanting to fight the same DMV/MVD
    But I really think u are over thinking this. Mine was just looked out, all the numbers entered and i was handed the plate and title and yes this was in AZ Cochise county ...unless you are really trying to get a full truck/car title or they think that is what u want. Not the ATV/MC plate that allows u to go on the highways and off road[​IMG]
  3. dieseldad

    dieseldad New Member

    sorry for any confusion that I created, I am only trying to be legal to drive it on the road to the gas station, auto parts or grocery store. A mile or two, other than that, it is just for offroad. I didn't know how anal the MVD would be here, but with my past experiences, I would rather avoid them if possible.

    As for the confusion of where I live, I am in Az., just where Arizona, Nevada and California come together (the tri state area to me).
  4. o8k

    o8k Member

    I reccomend option 3 listed above. The ONLY trouble i had w/ the MVD is they didnt spell out my options to me either so i acutally ended up w/ option1 the first time, and had to go back in to get a second plate to be in the option 3 catagory. they should give you a copy of the memo, point at the section that says occational onroad use and the "H" registation catagory... that should help....

    As long as you explain you want option 3 (and be firm not to let them fall into option 2) you should be good, nice and easy sailing from there....
    If yer vehicle is older than 5 years, option 3 requires emmisions to meet MVD registration requirements (if your in Maricopa county or Tucson's county). Emmissions may not apply to you where you are tho
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  5. dieseldad

    dieseldad New Member

    thanks for the reply. Just found a 3rd party inspector in Kingman, about an hour drive. I am going to load it onto the trailer and see if I can't get it titled and registered in the 3rd option today. I will let everyone know soon.
  6. o8k

    o8k Member

    On another note, there was a lot of back and forth action w/ the Attendant and the supervisor
  7. o8k

    o8k Member

    Bring a copy of the memo!!!!
  8. Rob Massuco

    Rob Massuco New Member

    Just to clear up what I have posted in regards to my dealings with MVD in Bullhead City.
    I was only trying to get option 3 as I drive 95% off highway.
  9. dieseldad

    dieseldad New Member

    All right here it goes.

    Went to Bullhead MVD and asked the receptionist if I could get a copy of memo T5474 dated July 17th 2009. She asked why and gave me a ticket # to wait in line to speak with a rep. I am thinking - o.k. here we go, all I wanted was a copy of this memo, so that I was able to go to a 3rd party inspector. My number was called and I spoke to Branda V. She was polite and treated me like a human being, was knowledgeable of the memo, asked me for my paperwork, looked it over and told me to meet her out back for an inspection. I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor. I pulled the truck out back, showed her where the VIN# was, told her what year it is ('91 Honda Acty) and she looked at the odometer to get the amount of Kilometers. Met her back inside and started the paperwork. She told me to go to my insurance agent and get a surety bond for 1 1/2 times the amount that I paid for the truck, because all I had was the import paperwork, no bill of sale etc..

    Went to my insurance agent and paid for the bond. A little expensive, but worth it to me, $ 75.00.

    Brought the bond paperwork back to the MVD, went back to Branda V. and was out the door ten minutes later with plates and both the off road 'R' sticker and street legal 'H' sticker in my hand.

    $08.50 The cost for the 'H' sticker and plate.
    $25.00 The cost for the 'R' sticker

    $33.50 total spent @ the MVD for one year.

    I was and still am in shock at the fact that it is finally done after 3 years of owning the truck and waiting for the day I could truly call it mine legally.

    Now all that is left is to go back to my insurance co. and get liability insurance only and bring proof of it back to the MVD within 30 days.

    The process was considerably easy, considering that I was dealing with the MVD after all.

    Now I have the Arizona Certificate of Title and and an RV plate.

    Again, thanks to all that fought the MVD to get this passed, there are & will be so many more who appreciate your efforts.
  10. erixun

    erixun Member

    Congrats! Nuff' said. :D
  11. o8k

    o8k Member

  12. Rob Massuco

    Rob Massuco New Member

    Congratulations, glad it went so smooth for you.
  13. L_C4

    L_C4 New Member

    Has anyone tried or suceeded in registrating a japenese deckvan in AZ?:confused: Would it fall under the same caterogy as a mini truck?
  14. erixun

    erixun Member

    I do not know any thing specific or anyone in AZ with a deck van so I would say you would have to check with your dept of motor vehicles in your state, but if I were to bet any money... I would say yes, same category as a mini truck.
  15. L_C4

    L_C4 New Member

    Thanks! That's what I was thinking since the deckvan is on the same chasis and is a model of the mini truck. It's weight and speed comply with the Memo T5474. I hope it works!
  16. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    good luck...hope it works
  17. kcpaz

    kcpaz New Member

    Just wanted to bump this thread up since I am about to start the process. I just bought a 1997 HiJet and I'm in the Phoenix area. Does anybody have any recent success stories with any MVD offices or 3rd parties in the Phoenix Valley area or any tips/tricks to make the process easier in my area?
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2011

    KKVEGAS New Member

    I have just acquired a 1990 Suzuki Carry (being delivered on Thursday!)and live in the N phoenix area and am looking to go through the title plate process. Has any one done this lately with success or know of a 3rd party agent that can help with this process?

    KKVEGAS New Member

    Well, I did it, 6 trips to the DMV, lots of discussion on if I needed emissions, trip to emissions center telling me they didn't do ATV, and since title is for ATV they wont do. One of the many catch 22's involved!. So after much interaction with the DMV clerk, he had a personal belief that these vehicles should not be on the road, so many discussions with supervisors and being told I needed a level 2 inspection, I finally walked out of the DMV with my Title registration and MC plate after 6 visits!. I feel like it is a badge of honor after all the work I had put into it. If you are gonna pursue it, be patient, make sure you have all the import docs, EPA docs, Bill of sale signed and notarized. Now In AZ if you do operate on the road, you are required to have appropriate liability insurance,I ended up getting full coverage as a truck, AMFAM would not allow it as an ATV because it has full cab and windshield. AND MOST OF ALL GET A COPY OF THE OFFICE MEMO T5474 as you and they will refer to it over and over!
  20. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    Persistence pays off. I lived in Globe, Az before moving to the Philippines. Was kind of curious if these vehicles could be licensed in Az. At one time while living there I owned a Polaris ATV, had it licensed for highway and so had to have insurance coverage. Progressive will write a policy for reasonable premium.


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