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Axle swap

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by Duke Mitton, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. Duke Mitton

    Duke Mitton New Member


    I'm putting a vw 1.6 turbo diesels in my 91 u42t and am looking for a heavy axle. I'm having a hard time finding anything short enough. Anyone got any suggestions. That or has anyone put a longer axle in? I do not care about difficulty, where there is a will there is a way.

    Thanks in advance!

    If your wondering why in putting a vw diesel in it its because it didn't come with a motor or tranny. Putting the normal motor back in is boring lol.
  2. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Search youtube for axle shortening. Basically you cut the tubes off, and take out the extra tube length, and. Weld the ends back on. Then you have a machine shop cut off and respline the ends.

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