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Arizona mini truck registration question

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Milkman, May 12, 2014.

  1. Kirk B

    Kirk B New Member

    Anyone have good luck getting a title/plates?. With this China Virus going on , lots of problems getting mine.DMV in Tucson are smart like a bag of Rocks. The took all of my documents told that they get back to me in a week WTF ! I'm little worried I won't get documents back. Just like to know anybody got titled this year (2020). Thanks.:mad:
  2. PHXTrucks

    PHXTrucks New Member

    Just received title and registration for my 2020 Daihatsu S510P in Phoenix. Started with first stop at the MVD office in Tempe. For what they must see every day, the agents I have worked with there are friendly and helpful. Had my bill of sale, export certificate and translated deregistration document. Also towed the truck down in case they needed to inspect it. I did not have the 2009 ADOT memo with me which probably hurt me.

    They inspected the chassis number (door panel and stamped under driver seat) and verified it matched my documents. However in the end, they cited newer than 25 year rule and they had me go to Level II/III. Luckily found an early morning appt at Tempe location and gave my paperwork to Officer Ortega. Truck stayed on the trailer and he did his work. About 30 minutes later I had passed Level II certificate in hand. Drove back to MVD and walked in at 7:30 and was second in line. Another friendly agent there and I presented all paperwork PLUS 2009 memo.

    I think she started down the path of regular registration and then she got stuck, she reverted back to going down the ATV route. I did not guide her at all as I wanted to see what kind of registration I could get. In retrospect, probably could have saved 15 minutes by pointing her to the instructions in the memo. I had my highway certification paperwork so she did primarily off road with some highway which means I will have OHV and can still drive to the gas station legally. We almost hit a sticking point as it states on one of the certificates that the vehicle weight at 1300 kg which puts it into new class. Had to point out that was probably GVWR and not unladen weight so we avoided that mess.

    Wish I could have avoided Level II and the extra trip back to MVD, but happy it all worked out.
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