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Arctic Cat Susuki 660

Discussion in 'Performance' started by KCCats, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. SDK1968

    SDK1968 Active Member

    man id still like to stumble across a nice non turbo 660 engine to do a custom in my 02 zuki!!
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  2. Kent

    Kent Member

    Why a non turbo
  3. SDK1968

    SDK1968 Active Member

    dont wanna have to mess with all that. the 80hp version would be more than enough.
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  4. SteveC

    SteveC New Member

    If you or anyone is interested... I have an Artic Cat 660T long block I purchased that I can not use. Bought the long block from a snow machine shop on Ebay. It was sold as a runner not a "core". My 1991 DD51-T uses the F6A so I have made other plans... going to use the complete drivetrain from a wrecked Suzuki X90. If anyone is interested in the long block let me know. I also have a complete gasket kit that I purchased and don't need. Thnx
  5. wayno101

    wayno101 New Member

    could you not just swap ecu from t660 to the carry engine? for the added horsepower
  6. KCCats

    KCCats Active Member

    The truck has a carb and NO ECU
  7. KCCats

    KCCats Active Member

  8. wayno101

    wayno101 New Member

    But I was talking about the fuel injected engine
  9. KCCats

    KCCats Active Member

    That would be 99 and up.
    Check the HP on that engine compared to the 40 hp of the 91.
    Don't get me wrong my 91 is probably as close to that 80 hp as it can get without me porting the head!

    But I am interested in that drive train.
    I don't know yet but I think I broke my front dif!
  10. t_g_farrell

    t_g_farrell Active Member

    @SteveC Would love to hear details on tghe x90 swap if you can share.
  11. Scott Biggers

    Scott Biggers New Member

    I have a 2003 Suzuki DA63T mini truck. I really like the little truck and enjoy riding around in it. It has the standard K6A engine (no turbo). It runs extremely well and truck overall is in very good condition. The only problem I have is the standard 47 hp struggles up hills on the highway. This gets the drivers behind me aggravated because sometimes the truck slows well below the speed limit by the top of the hill. I’m looking for the easiest way to improve the HP. If I can get in the 60+ hp range I think it would work for me. I have been unable to find good info and or mods on the internet, or at least what I trust. Any help, advice, or examples to get the increased hp would be greatly appreciated. I’m not a gearhead/motorhead so the least mechanic work is best.
    Scott B. from Louisiana
  12. KCCats

    KCCats Active Member

    In 99 they went to EFI and are rated a 80 hp Not 47
    I have the same issue and mine tops out a 60mph
    These trucks are NOT meant to be on the road, off road and in town!

    SAITCHO Active Member

    Best thing you can do is keep the stock tires or something similar. Some people claimed improvements by removing the catalytic converter, beside that I dont know of any easy HP to claim.

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