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Arctic Cat Susuki 660

Discussion in 'Performance' started by KCCats, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Yeah Matt my door badging says engine-f6a:( after seeing Kent's carry and what he did, if I find out that I'm not able to mate the cat t660 engine to my carry transmission the way he did than I may have a carry for sale lol I do have a bit more power and top end speed. Maybe not even more power because my buddies will haul a house down lol great low end torque, but lacking in top end speed. I have no troubles cruising at 100 km/h + but the hills kill me, I've still have never had to gear down but when your cruising on a single lane 110 km/h road and you hit a hill, traffic behind me hate me lol that 100 up would be amazing and to me, worth the trouble so I now I may have a 99 efi Carry for sale lol anyone interested shoot me a message. Brand New alternator, new front break pads, new mvi last week, new 14" aluminum rims with new 165/65/14 all seasons, comes with additional aluminum rims, and the factory 12 with new winter's and also 1" wheel spacers. And there ya go hah:)
  2. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    No they are different.
    My understanding is that when they went to efi in 99 it was the K6a with the timing chain and Not the Timing Belt.
  3. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    '99 will be a K6A truck unless by chance it's really a '92-'98 titled in '99. In Japan vehicles are titled the year they are first registered. They don't go by model years like the USA

    If the chassis number starts with DD51 an F6A makes sense
  4. Ok I'm sure it's not timing chain, I wish it were....... It may be lol but I'm sure it's not. I'm going to check my chassis num now. Brb
  5. Ok so the chassis tag on the side of the door says chassis number-db52t-145445. It also says Engine-f6a
  6. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    Very odd.. I had to punch it into Megazip.. Shows 1998-2000. It's a regular 1999 DB truck, BUT comes with an EFI F6A. Essentially the same motor as the 1996-1998 Carry Turbo just without the turbo.

    So all in all, get the turbo manifold and throw some boost at it. You should be able to use a rising rate fuel pressure regulator to get enough fuel for 8 PSI or so without touching the ECU tuning
  7. Are you kidding me you come up with that much info including the turbo info I've been looking for, for weeks! Awesome job brother, very impressed;) listen I'm a up in coming gear head lol but I've got so much to learn. So with this motor, as is, what would I need to add a turbo-supercharger. A turbo, a turbo manifold, an intercooler, a rising rate fuel pressure regulator. Would that about cover all I need. I'm ordering everything I can find asap but I'd love to do it all on one day without forgetting something. Thanks a lot man
  8. Oh and would you think this motor, as is, would be able to handle 7-8 psi of boost?
  9. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    The Carry Turbo did not use an intercooler, but the pipes are so small there is no reason you can't add one somewhere..

    You may need a voltage clamp on the MAP sensor, which will make it so the ECU never sees boost. A check valve would likely work as well... The motor should handle 8 PSI but I wouldn't run any more than that

    The turbo is a VZ-21 but you won't find a spare exhaust housing. You'll have to make one
  10. Really, the 99 turbo carry never used an intercooler, i did not know that. Using that low of psi, I could get away with no intercooler? So do you mean I'll need a voltage clamp and a check valve or just one or the other?
  11. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    One or the other. check valve should work.. The Carry turbo came out in 1996 as a DD51 chassis truck, the generation before yours. It did continue with the K6A trucks.

    Your truck is very odd it has an F6A but it uses essentially the same engine as the '96-'98 Carry Turbo just minus the turbo. This all in a truck which should have a K6A.

    8 PSI is where I'd leave it
  12. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    So Your truck is a 99 DB52
    There is also a DD51
    and My DB51
    And the Differences are?
  13. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    DB51 ran until 1991. DD51 ran 1992 until 1998 and DB52 started in 1999.

    They are 3 different series of trucks. DB51 and DD51 are mechanically similar, but DB52T is a different animal
  14. Excellent, Matt my friend you have been a world of help. One more thing, you guys may be able to help me with this. I've been running 10w-30 in my truck and I've got bad valve seals. All the rite signs. My compression is excellent, I checked it today 180/181/183, before I did what I'm gonna tell ya. A week ago I did an oil change and I thought to put 10w-30 high mileage hoping to stop the smoke and it did but not completely. I should have excepted that because it wasn't bad at all. So today I buy a quart of Lucas stop leak oil treatment and I drain around a half a court out my engine and replace it with this Lucas oil treatment which is super thick like honey. As soon as I put it in, I take her for a drive. She works great around town until I hit the highway, I've noticed I've lost a noticable amount of top end speed. Before I could cruise at 100 kmh no problem, now I'm having a hard time even reaching 95kmh. Wtf! I've checked my plugs, they all look perfect, I made sure everything is how it should be, the only thing different is this thicker engine oil. Would that be the cause of my top end?

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