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Anyone watch the Motocheez channel on youtube?

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by SAITCHO, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Active Member

    Again, I ask.. to whom did you pay this "Importer Registration" fee? Are you talking about a "Continuous Bond"? That is only necessary if a vehicle is over $2500, and you are planning on importing more than one vehicle. If the vehicle in question is under $2500 *prior* to any shipping costs, then it qualifies as an "Informal Entry" and does not require any sort of bond. My Truck was just about $1000 FOB, so it easily qualified for Informal. If you are looking to only import one vehicle that is over $2500, then you should go for a "Single Entry Bond", which is more economical than a Continuous.

    Yes, there are penalties for not following the required filings, but as long as you do them.. that is a moot point. I spent a lot of time researching and several calls/emails with the Personal Import Specialist at my port of entry to make sure that I had all of the paperwork sorted. Honestly, clearing customs was super easy, and far cheaper than I expected when I started the process. I stressed out about it more than I needed to.
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  2. dan360

    dan360 New Member

    Watched every mini truck vid motocheez has put out.

    Amir’s trucks are some of the most expensive on the continent. Sometimes he has gems but there are other importers who will cherry pick for you, for less.

    Amir is buying up a ton of the more desirable packages (lockers, dumps, etc) and paying a premium for them.

    I did a lot of research with them and went a different route.
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  3. dan360

    dan360 New Member

    Noticed Motocheez is back with Mini Truck Season 3. RIP momma cat
  4. Ohkei Dohkei

    Ohkei Dohkei Active Member

    Thanks for the heads up! I gave up on him when he changed over to pontoon boats. I've re-subscribed.
  5. dan360

    dan360 New Member

    yessir hes been on a chicom motorbike kick lately too.
  6. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    It's a continuous bond. I paid Davidsons to file it, and I'm bonded through their insurance for a year. They said I needed it, and they handled ALL of my paperwork and import process
  7. dan360

    dan360 New Member

    For what it’s worth, some ports are requiring use of a broker for certain types of vehicle imports.

    Port of Tacoma WA requires a broker service be used for kei class vehicles now for example. Has to do with issues at Customs and WADOL required documents for street legal eligibility. Namely proof of tax paid and vehicles sneaking through newer than 25 years old as “legal” etc.
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  8. punimog

    punimog New Member

    Good to know. Thanks for sharing that info
  9. Completely agree. Motocheez has also been great to answer a few questions I've had. I highly recommend following on Instagram and YouTube.

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