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Anyone Want An Acty Van in England?

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by AmandaCheshireUK, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. AmandaCheshireUK

    AmandaCheshireUK New Member

    I have a 1989 Blue Honda Acty Van which I would like to see go to a good home and enthusiast. From what I've learnt all the lovers of these vans are outside the UK. I have no mechanical knowledge or expertise and no local mechanics are familiar with this vehicle and I can't keep up with the necessary upkeep. My van runs okay but really chugs in the morning when cold. If you are interested in buying this van at a very low price of £500 please email me, I can send you photos if you want to see it. Thanks. Amanda
  2. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    normally id say you need the supporting membership to sell stuff but if your giving it away to a good home i dunno what to say. too bad you were not in canada lol
  3. Why I'm I stuck in the US :frustration:
  4. chris_snchez

    chris_snchez Member

    well ill be damed if only I could find someone to ship it to the usa
  5. grahame

    grahame New Member

    thats strange i have exact van 1989 f reg in blue tried to sell her a couple of times but dont get much interest needs restoring as she been stood and has engine trouble, have trouble getting major parts panels etc so reason tried to sell her dont really want to let it go brill little van i can do mechanical work and bodywork. honda original parts so expensive; i had same trouble with my carb really sluggish and chuggy turned out it was the butterfly flap had worked loose easy fix ran brill for couple of years till she developed seperate engine prob i think crank went not ran since,, have you still got your van amanda? Grahame Glossop Derbyshire, :)

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