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Anyone hear of Altatec car parts?

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Mr. Chubbs, Sep 17, 2023.

  1. Mr. Chubbs

    Mr. Chubbs New Member

    I've got a broken CV boot on my left front axel (1992 Suzuki Carry) and it was suggested to me to think about getting a new axel (44102-74D10) when I go to replace the boot. I've been looking for the axel and can find used or rebuilt ones, but can't find new ones EXCEPT for Altatec, which is a Chinese company.


    Anyone even heard of this company? Any thoughts besides avoiding parts from China?

    I'll likely just have my axel rebuilt, but curious minds want to know...

  2. maboyce

    maboyce Active Member

    Boots are so cheap I would keep the original axle unless it's making noise. I doubt any aftermarket units are as good as the original, making them a last resort in my book. You might even keep an eye out for other used axles with perished but intact boots. You'll know they don't have dirt inside then.
  3. Mr. Chubbs

    Mr. Chubbs New Member

    Maboyce, thank you for your thoughts on the matter. BTW, I read some of your earlier posts re: BUYEE and 500YEN, would you mind if I picked your brain about those sites? I've never used them. Thanks.
  4. maboyce

    maboyce Active Member

    Ask away, that's what the forum is here for. You might do some searching first, since there are lots of questions on here about buying parts.

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