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any of you folks into shooting sports or hunting?

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by kydawg, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. kydawg

    kydawg New Member

    anyone here into hunting or target shooting ? im figuring alot of yall hunt concidering a mini is the ultimate hunters ride imo. i hunt a little not as much as i'd like to but i enjoy shooting and collecting firearms. love learning the history and specifics of guns, fasinating stuff when you get into it. gunsmithing is a hobby i enjoy watching my old man do. it fasinates me but i dont got the skills [ nor the ability ] to do all he does. thats pretty much my hobbies well that and running my gun related website [ no link cause i dont wanna break no rules here ]. so any of you folks into hunting, shooting or gun collecting? if not your missing out . kydawg .
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  2. Colin

    Colin Member

    I shoot, but I don't hunt. :)

  3. Hmm... Alaska, hunting I don't know

    That isn't bird watching I'm doing in the Avitar!

  4. gbrad

    gbrad Member

    Very nice, Collin. I have a few of the black rifles also. My wife and I hunt quite a bit. Predators mostly.

  5. Colin

    Colin Member

    Cool. I just bought that Cavalry Arms AR and now I'm hooked - been thinking about paying the SBR tax and building another one with a collapsible stock and a DPMS Kitty Kat upper (or something similar, since I can't really justify spending $500+ on an upper receiver.) :D

    DPMS has their factory just down the road from here. I did my CCW qualifying at their range, actually. :p

  6. jbarv

    jbarv New Member

    Now that Im no longer in law enforcement, I miss my scary black rifles. I really miss the 3 rd bursts and full auto Colts and Bushmasters..... But I kept a 10-22 that magically fires 30 rds at a time....

    Now I mostly shoot single action revolvers and lever action 30/30s. Plus, my monthly ammo bill has cut waaay back shooting 1 rd at a time. More money to sink into my Suzi. But I keep a glock 22 in the truck just in case something feels the need to acquire a .40 slug and cease to exist :D
  7. IndianaJason

    IndianaJason Member

    Oh yes.... Dont hunt as much as I used too..:mad:

    I used to be on a trap shooting team...placed 2nd in the nation in 1993 my senior year in high school...

    Aquired my class3 license last year;)..... Very fond of my SWD M-11 /9 Sub-Machine gun with Silencer... nothing like dumping 32 rounds in 1.2 seconds...very addicting....and expensive...but again, very addicting;)

    I have a decent collection and variety of weapons...slug guns for bambi, rifles for the elusive coyote, .22's for the sqirrels, shotguns for the bunnies, and scary black and camo guns for the terrorists and other types of ruffians.....:D

    I'm a devout 2nd Ammendment Supporter..... God Bless America......bang/bang...rat-ta-tat-tat...

    -Bear Arms or Wear Chains-
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2008
  8. gbrad

    gbrad Member

    Hey jbarv,

    That little "magic 10/22" will get you in trouble!! LOL.

    I was at a local shooting range last year after doing some trigger pull work on one of my AR's. Most of those rifles have really bad triggers so I was trying to smooth it up a little. I guess I removed a little too much from the disconnector because on the third shot it doubled. The guy next to me was really surprised and interested. I was also surprised and quickly put that rifle away.

    Later during one of the cease fires for target replacement the guy next to me started talking to me. We discussed the AR 15 triggers and how they differred from the military select fire version. He kept talking about using them at work. I asked him where he worked and he said Dallas ATF.

    He quickly re-assured me that there was no problem, but he did say that almost every time he comes to that range at least one guy will "self incriminate" himself on the subject of automatic weapons. He turned out to be an OK guy.

    It was just a little weird.

  9. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    i shoot. not as much as i used to. but i hunt a lot. thing is that i dont shoot when i hunt. i mostly hunt pigs with dog and knife. one of the reasons i bought the little suzuki i just bought.
  10. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    I was told about this type of hunting by a friend of mine that had gone once. Very interesting.

  11. Samurai9

    Samurai9 Member

    Greg, I do a little target shooting now and again. That was the original reason I got my land in the country. That led to the Hijet to ride out there. So I needed a trailer to haul it. And on and on.

  12. lzpoor

    lzpoor Member

    avid hunter have rifles and enjoy bowhunting looking into getting a kei with a cab and heater before my late elk hunt here in Arizona late November early December
  13. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    interesting is an understatement.
  14. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    I agree. Yet a very interesting type of sport hunting. Where are you located?

  15. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    south central oklahoma. it can get your blood pumping. i bought a ruger .44 mag autoloader rifle and a .450 marlin just for pig hunting. since i started using dogs i havent even picked those guns up but a couple of times just to throw in the truck, you know, just in case.
  16. miniMOG

    miniMOG Member

    No hunting, but we love to "go shootin"!



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  17. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    I go spearfishing often.. similiar to firing a firearm. Nothing like bloody water and 20 ft. predators to keep the heart pumping.
  18. dwink

    dwink Member

    I have hunted hogs with dogs as well, but we tie the pigs and sell them if the hams are not too tore up. We stick the little ones and tie the big ones. Apparently there is great demand for the meat in the Northeast. I would like to go spearfishing but have not had the time or courage to make it yet!
  19. Clifford

    Clifford Member

    I make my living hunting!
    This is a great use of a mini!
    One of my guides kidding around with some huge whitetail deer sheds!
  20. Craktskull

    Craktskull New Member


    I was going to post a picture showing <sniff> one nice whitetail I took in SC years ago. No mini in it, but the deer was nice. THEN I saw this. :frustration: I put my pic in the shredder 5 minutes ago and took the cheesey mount off the wall and put it into the attic.

    Before I retired and moved to the Philippines, I only owned a few guns. H&R bull barrell slug gun (ouch - but took 3 deer in about 4 minutes once), Rem 7mm mag - model B (what a class deer rifle), Ruger 22mag SS (very little cleaning), and another 22. Of course I had the obligitory military Glock 9mm but never found a 'need' for it and sold it years ago. Bull barrel stayed in the bedroom.

    Impossible to import firearms to the Philippines and it's illegal for a non-citizen here to own one. Got a cheesey .38 revolver in the wife's name though. I guess I'll just have to shoot the perp and toss the gun to her. With the ultra-efficient Filipino police department (almost threw up saying that), I'll have about 6 hours to wash my hands, have her fire a round in the backyard (to get some GSR on her hands) and reload the expended round before they show up.
  21. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    real hard to sell them around here. where do you hunt?
  22. Colin

    Colin Member

    Rise from the dead, thread!

    I just got a Spike's Tactical pistol lower and I'm gathering parts to build a 7.5" .22LR upper for it. :D

    Here it is wearing my 16" .223 Cavalry Arms upper:


    I picked up a North American Arms .22WMR revolver with the folding holster grip. Never leave home without it!


    I finished off two gophers with it already (one was trapped and still alive, the other one was running across the driveway at night, so it experienced some blunt force Honda scooter trauma before getting its head blown up.) :p


    That is all. :)

  23. gbrad

    gbrad Member

    Hey that's a great looking lower receiver. Does it come with the art work or did you apply it?

    I've been wanting to get a Carbon15 pistol before the mood changes in Washington, but I'd be fine with getting one of those lowers and building it myself.

    Hmmmm, scooter trauma to the gopher. And then the derringer to finish him off? Sounds like an interesting evening. A new sport is born.

    Scooter Polo.
  24. Colin

    Colin Member

    Heh... yeah. I had never seen a gopher above ground before that one. That little bastard just happened to run out in front of me at the wrong time - I had been going nuts trapping gophers all week. His slaying was the icing on the cake. :D

    Spike's does laser engraving on their lower receivers for a small fee - check it out: http://www.spikestactical.com

    They do a lot of pistol/rimfire/Class III type stuff. Good vendor to deal with. :)

    They didn't have any stripped lowers in stock when I ordered - they all had parts kits installed, apparently. The "loaded" receiver, Calico Jack engraving, color fill, and the Model 1 Sales buffer tube set me back ~$200.


    Last edited: Oct 17, 2008
  25. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    i saw a guy at the range one day had one of those that was a pistol. pretty much had no barrel, just had a flash suppresor at the end of the receiver. he was having a hell of a time with it and geeze was it LOUD!!
  26. Colin

    Colin Member

    Yeah, they bark! That's half the reason I'm building mine as a .22LR. I've got neighbors living a couple hundred yards from the sand pit where I shoot. Of course, .22LR is also 10% the cost of .223, and I don't really anticipate the need to slay any zombies in the foreseeable future, so the lil' rimfire will do just fine. :p

  27. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    i loved my M16, i could hit anything within about 300 meters with a kill shot, all day, every day, NO PROBLEM. the best thing about the M16 is you get semi-auto and the 3 round burst.

    my carry piece is an XD9 sub-compact and i have a "home defender" shotgun :D

    the missus loves her sig .45 1911
  28. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    noticed your gopher trap. i never had much luck with that design. there is one found at atwoods and walmart that works much better for me.
  29. gbrad

    gbrad Member

    Thanks for the info Colin.

    $200.00 for that lower is a great price.

    Nice cabbage shootin pistolas there Milt.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 17, 2008
  30. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    cabbage shooters?

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