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Any clubs in Sothern Ontario, Canada?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by r/c guy, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. r/c guy

    r/c guy Member

    Hi all;
    Just got a 1993 2wd Subaru Samba Truck and love it!
    Quite a learning curve though.
    Like to network with owners in Southern Ontario, Canada or join a club if there is one.
    Info is appreciated.
  2. neller

    neller Member

    new sambar truck owner / southern ontario

    hello r/c guy , I don't know of any clubs in the area as such. Got a sambar truck 4x4 approx. year and a half ago . When you said learning curve you weren't kidding . Acquiring parts , affording parts and locating info. can be a major undertaking ! It's been a challenge and a lot of fun so far ... with more to come , I'm sure . This forum has been a real blessing - take full advantage of the vast knowledge all the present owners have and enjoy your sambar !
  3. Jessf

    Jessf Member

    I'm in Guelph but can honestly say I don't want to drive the truck too far to meet up with other people. Long trips I just take the car. Would be cool to meet up someday, though. Japanoid.com is the place to shop. Anything I can't find in their online store I call them and they seem to have in the warehouse.
  4. Camotruck

    Camotruck New Member

    I'm in cambridge. Not sure if you still have the mini truck....i see this is a old thread

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