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Another SEAFOAM Query

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by carry-metotheboondocks, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. So, I got Seafoam...

    I will be putting a third into the gas tank.

    A third into the oil...

    and a third into the vacuum lines... which line? I don't really get it.

    Hope someone could enlighten me.

  2. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    pretty much any vacuum line you can find will work!
  3. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    if you put it in the oil don't drive with it in (some people do but it's best to just idle it a while and then drain and change the oil)..there are 2 types of vacuum..manifold and carb...you are putting seafoam into the carb through the fuel tank so its better to add to a manifold vacuum source..manifold vacuum is any line that is on the engine side of the throttle butterfly...unplug a line and if it's sucking you should be good..most carb vacuum lines don't suck much till higher rpm and you don't want to rev it too high while seafoaming..just a little...let the vacuum line drink it out of the can through the vacuum hose and let it stall itself out....wait 15 minutes then start and let it smoke out the neighbours:D
  4. err...

    @ Stuff and Fupa

    Thanks for all your replies.

    I was thinking of feeding the Seafoam through the air intake...LOL

    Why is it bad to drive with the Seafoam in the oil? Doesn't it clean the engine much better? Or maybe I'd drive it for about 5 miles? Bad idea?

    With regards to the vacuum lines, which is the best route for my engine? Which line? How big a diameter?

    Thanks again. And I do apologize for the ignorance...
  5. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    the vacuum lines in the engine are all essentially the same size so any one of them that is getting suction at idle should be good....seafoam is a great internal engine cleaner,but like any engine flush it should be only used at low rpm...my opinion only...the best way to keep your engine clean internally is to use a diesel rated oil 5w40 year round...0w-40 is optimum but hard to find...all diesel oils are cheapest in the giant 5 gallon pails..seafoam cleans so well it could clog up your filter with loosened crud and then the filter would bypass all the dirty oil back into the engine..or worse the filter could collapse internally and block all flow...pretty slim possibility but possible so why take the chance..you can do the other 2 seafoam steps with the 1/3 in the tank and 1/3 into the vacuum lines....then save the last 1/3 to add to the oil just before your next oil change...you will be amazed how black and crappy the oil is that comes out and you will be glad it didn't stay inside your engine:)
  6. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    Often when we get a new used truck we will unhook the fuel line off the fuel tank and start the engine and give it about a cup of full strength sea foam and making sure the float bowl is full and truck is running rough and about to die.. Then shut off the engine and let it set for 30 min. or so then hook the fuel line back up to fresh fuel. It will smoke a little till it gets all the sea foam burned. If the carb. is marginally gummed up this will help.
    A few times for the heck of it I disconnected the vacuum line on the brake booster and sucked it in that way. Make sure you are outside because that puppy will freaking smoke.
    In any case other than fuel tank I would add it to your truck after the engine has come up to temp.
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  7. Wow

    @ Fupa:

    Thank you very much! I understand your rationale.

    @ T&H:

    If this thing works, I'll be doing it to all my vehicles. Thanks for your reply.


    I have already put some of the foam into the fuel tank. Immediately after 250 meters, the truck just kicked in hard with more power.

    However, I still have knocking/pinging when my A/C kicks in. Without the a/c it pings but not that much. I guess I have to take it to a mechanic to have it timed with a proper timing light.


    I'll be doing the vacuum lines tonight when the neighbors are sleeping...

    Also, as Fupa said, "When you put the foam in the oil, you should be ready for an oil change". That I'll be doing this weekend. BTW, I use 20w-40 oil. The Philippines is a hot and humid country and the truck likes the weight, I think.

    I'll keep you guys and gals posted.

    Last edited: Dec 1, 2011
  8. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    "Also, as Fupa said, "When you put the foam in the oil, you should be ready for an oil change". That I'll be doing this weekend. BTW, I use 20w-40 oil. The Philippines is a hot and humid country and the truck likes the weight, I think.
    Lol... my bad ..didn't notice where you were located...and I'm recommending a winter weight oil:frustration:
  9. Little Dumper

    Little Dumper Member

    If you are pinging you should be running the highest octane fuel avail. to you (I run 94 pon in summer and 92 pon in winter). I also have ac and have bumped up my timing about 3 deg. for a bit more torque.

    Regular fuel in Japan is about 94 and "hi-oku" is in the 98 range. It really smells like race fuel.

    Last edited: Dec 1, 2011
  10. ping...

    @ Fupa

    Thanks for your replies...

    After sucking the seafoam, my truck smoked a lot! 30 mins of smoking! Drove it too to clear the smoke. With my BUTT dyno I think I gained 5 HP. LOL! Idles better and when the A/C kicks in the idle stays on the mark.

    @ Little Dumper

    I run 95 octane.

    I'm not sure how many degrees my timing is but it's ALL the way to the RIGHT.

    The pinging is loud when the A/C kicks in. Not so much without the A/C but it's still there and it sounds like my valves are having a riot.

    Do you think setting my timing 3 degrees just like yours would fix things?

  11. Deanclean

    Deanclean Member

    thanks for this post guys. Just did a treatment on my Sambar and it worked great.
  12. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt New Member

    not to argue but seafoam is designed to run all the time, please read the can before you give the it a try, been using it after every oil change for 20 years uave 325,000 on my ram hemi put a 1/2 bottle it every oil change since day one. Sea Foam only contains petroleum-based ingredients and will not harm your engine.
  13. Timberjack21

    Timberjack21 New Member

    I had a stuck exhaust valve on my 2002 da62t suzuki. I put seafoam threw 1 of my vac hoses and let is sit then put the other half in tank next day truck was running better and sounds better. saveed me a valve job so far

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