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another new KY member.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kydawg, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. kydawg

    kydawg New Member

    howdy folks, just learned about these little trucks a week or so ago. been reading this site alot since then as well as any dealers sites i can find. I'm a quadriplegic resulting from a diving accident that broke my neck back in 1994. I have been searching for a vehicle I could easily transfer into and out of that I could ride in off road. After looking at these little trucks I'm thinking a mini truck is EXACTLY what I've been looking for . I cant really afford one yet but i've contacted a few dealers inquiring about trading a small dune buggy i have in on one but no luck yet. may just have to try to sell it. anyway steve from japan car exports told me about this place and told me if i could find a dealer that was willing to help me out with getting a truck he could try to help them get it for me cheaper [ thanks steve ] . so my search for a dealer close to KY that may be interested in a trade + cash deal is underway. any help would be appriciated locating a dealer close to east KY . I am looking for one with 4 wheel drive and the bigger cab as im kinda tall plus i'll need the extra room to transfer into it from my chair. this is a great place you guys have here. looking forward to reading daily . kydawg .
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  2. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the site kydawg. You will enjoy your truck, as I have. I hope everything works out for you.
  3. PJ&Tubby

    PJ&Tubby Member

    Welcome aboard. Have you been in a mini truck yet? They are low to the ground but you are right over the tire when getting in/out. I don't know about the ones with slightly larger cabs. Mini's are great little vehicles; hope it works for you. Definitely recommend trying your transfer early in your shopping process.
  4. kydawg

    kydawg New Member

    Thanks ! Glad to be here, lotta information at this forum .

    not yet but my power chair sets up kinda high in order for my long leg rests [ im 6'1 or so ] not to drag. should be about perfect level for getting into a mini. i always have assistance when transfering so i have no worries about it. but will try it soon as i get the chance. :cool: thanks again for welcoming me aboard . kydawg .
  5. scesnick

    scesnick Member

    Hey kydawg, welcome to the board.
    I have a riding buddy that is a double amputee and he has a small crane in the bed of his dodge truck that he uses to put his chair in the back of the truck. ( he rides a 450R quad ) This mini reminded me of his setup he has in his full size truck and maybe this mini would work for you also. it has a crane already mounted in the bed.

    The owner of the site is a member here so yo could easily PM him with any questions about it..
  6. kydawg

    kydawg New Member

    that is a nice little truck ! that hoist would be nice, let it pick the chair up and haul it with me right to a hunting blind or neighbors house. hadnt thought about a boom hoist on one of these . to be honest right now i'll be lucky to get the cash for a bone stock low end truck though. its nice but even if i sold my small dune buggy or if he'd take it on a trade i still couldnt come up with cash to put that truck in my yard. thanks for the link though it is nice . kydawg .
  7. kmoneil

    kmoneil Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum kydawg!
  8. ky hillbilly

    ky hillbilly Member

    hey kydawg. what county are you in i am in jackson co. there are a few small dealers around east and central ky one is in leslie one in casey heard of one in irvine. i have a younger brother in a wheel chair he can get into mine really easy an automatic trans would be best for him though. anyway welcome to the forum i can send you phone number to some dealers let me know ........
  9. kydawg

    kydawg New Member

    hillbilly, im in pike co. i found one dealer in flemingsburg http://www.corbinequipment.com/ sent em an email but got no reply at all yet? found one in wooton http://www.dayspowersports.com we exchanged emails but havent got a reply to my last one sent a few days ago. and finally i found one at turners station http://www.allterrainminitrucks.com/index.html no reply from them either. im begining to think the minitruck dealers in ky dont want to be bothered with emails or internet sales, but they have a website and post there email addy's so i dont know whats going on with them. thanks for the welcome everyone . kydawg .
  10. That little crane is pretty sweet isn't it? There may be more out there but this is the only hydraulic crane mini I've ever seen. It works really sweet, it's rated for about 250Lbs, I tested it on a few things around the shop and it works really, really well. Unfortunately if anyone was interested it has sold, but the new owner hasn't taken possession yet so we haven't listed it as sold yet.
  11. dayspowersports

    dayspowersports New Member

    mini truck

    i did return an email tonight to some one now for sure if it was you are not.
    give us a call at 606-279-2442 will do my best to help you
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2011
  12. kydawg

    kydawg New Member

    yup that was me :) thanks ! I just replied to it. kydawg .
  13. willyboy

    willyboy Member

    Hey kydawg I live in Harrison Co. I dont own a mini yet but have one pretty much bought out of OK. anyways I install lifts on tractors for handicapped farmers which lift them right up in the cab of there tractors. I built my first one for my pappaw which at 82 years old still gets out and does what he wants.
    Thanks to the University of Kentuckys department of agribility it wont cost you a thing but a Thank You and a week with your tractor or etc. As soon as I get mine in im going to make a protype to go by so it shouldn't take long.
    Just let me know when you get your mini if you wish.

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