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alternator or electrical problems?

Discussion in 'Honda Acty References' started by CompleteLawnCare, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. mallard

    mallard New Member

    What is that piece called....mine is broken and I need to order the whole bar in a the pictures....thanks
  2. Bert Stevens

    Bert Stevens Member

    I've been reading through old post just to do it. Though I'd add this for other, to help future readers. When a battery get a bad cell you can tell by opening it up and probing each cell separately. start at one end, + lead from meter on post, - in the first cell touching the plates. then move across, both leads in cells, till finally last cell and post. if any are low, or 1 or more, are reversed, replace battery. Cells go bad from having AC current to them, a sign that the diodes in Alt, are bad. you can check that by test output with meter in AC setting. you may have 13-14v DC and 1-6v or more AC coming from an alternator at he same time. I once replace the diodes in my battery charger with the diode pack from an Alternator. I am find many of the part in my Acty can be found state side much cheaper. and in some of the old japanese cars I already have. Unlike the US auto makers, Japanese Auto manufacturers used the same parts from part suppliers, in all makes. much crosses over, very nice, Totoya parts in a Honda. I am still looking for a GOOD wiring diagram formy Ha4 with A/C. Has anybody seen the factory service manual written in Japaneses? I don't want a diagram of one system at a time, I want one of the whole system, all in one big drawing. I am about ready to draw my own.

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