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Aloha! First time owner in Hawaii.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Little_hi, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. Little_hi

    Little_hi New Member

    Aloha everyone. First time owner here on the island of Molokai in Hawaii. So my recent acquisition is amazing! It’s a ‘92 Daihatsu Hijet S83 fire truck !!!! It’s a 4 speed h/l 4x5 no a/c. Lights siren and loud speaker still work. I’m so excited. This little beauty is so clean. 4000km no stains on seats original undercoating is great! It’s immaculate. I definitely scored.

    Bear with me cause I’m technologically retarded when it comes to the internet and forums. Now come the questions that I know have been asked quite a bit.

    1. English service manuals. The good ones with everything. Not the ones missing a section or a few pages. Where can I find them.
    2. Lift kits. And springs, leafs, and shocks. I’ve done some reading about the lifts and I know about the binding cv’s and u joints. I want some extra suspension travel so that’s one part of the lift. Also going to do a body lift. Definitely need a stiffer set of front springs. I would like to run a set of 22” or larger tires. And I’d like to have at least a 4” lift. Anyone do good kits or where I can get quality parts?
    3. Rims and tires. More than likely steel rims. Sizes? And tires I thought I had seen somewhere that maybe toyo does the open country at in those sizes. Anybody know?
    4. I’m building a snorkel for it now. So my question is the black air box canister, can I delete the entire apparatus and plumb the snorkel directly to the carb?
    5. Lastly. This sweet rig has no a/c. Which sucks because it get retarded hot here on Molokai. I’m assuming that my engine has mounts for the standard a/c equipment. Thoughts and ideas for an ac system. Should I try to source all the stock ac equipment or do you guys have any ideas on after market stuff.
    I know it’s lots to take in but all help is appreciated. If you have websites or phone numbers or anything at all I’d be forever grateful.

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  2. Reese Allen

    Reese Allen Member

  3. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Active Member

    The only manuals for sale are the Danko translations, and they are not very good, but they are the best available. There are some manuals floating around as PDFs, out of the EU and Britain, which are pretty good, But they don’t cover the engine. They had bigger engines everywhere except the the Japanese Domestic Market. GR Imports has an engine manual for the

    You can’t do a body lift on the 80-series trucks, they are unibody/frame in the cab area. Lift over about two inches you will need to lower the front differential mount, to keep the CV joints from binding. And, drop the rear mount on the engine/transmission, to keep the rear drive shaft angles from getting too steep.

    The front suspension travel is limited by the five inches of travel in the front struts. Unless you are willing to redesign the whole front suspension, you can’t get past the front struts. If you can come up with a longer travel strut, which fits, or be modified to fit, let me know.

    The front springs can be replaced with springs made for coil-over shocks. The 12X2.5 are a good fit for the 11.96X2.5 stock springs. You can get them in rates from 100 to 900-lbs/inch.

    Motocheez has an 80-series, and has done quite a bit of mods on his youtube channel.

    I’ll try to post some more tomorrow. It’s late
  4. marvelo

    marvelo New Member

    Wow that is an awesome truck. Are you going to use it for some kind of fire service or just to be cool/different?
  5. Little_hi

    Little_hi New Member

    It’s just for me. Cause I’m awesome.
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