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Aftermarket steering wheel install

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by danish, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. danish

    danish Member

    I find my steering wheel in my Carry lacking substance since I'm pretty sure if I sneezed hard while gripping the wheel it would break like a chicken bone. Also by adding a 13" wheel would add some more room to the already cramped cab. Has anybody installed an aftermarket wheel like a Grant?? Were you able to find an install kit?? Thanks in advance..
  2. Subaru

    Subaru Member

    I have one that has a wood aftermarket one-came with it,so not sure on the adapter:confused:
  3. Dan

    Dan Member

    I've seen "momo's" in some of them but, can't say for sure how they adapted them. It has been done though...
  4. danish

    danish Member

    Do all vehicles use a splined shaft to attach to the steering column?? Is it a universal size?? I've been looking at kits and they all look the same but am wondering if the shafts are different size.
  5. Dan

    Dan Member

    yeah, they are different. The diameter, the spline count and the taper are varied.
  6. danish

    danish Member

    I found that the wheel is held on with a 17mm nut and has 30 splines. Does anybody know if this will cross-reference with any other brand?? I sent an e-mail to Grant steering wheels so hopefully they can help out but it doesn't hurt to ask here either!!
  7. danish

    danish Member

    Got the new steering wheel on!! Took less than five minutes to install with the kit I got from Grant. The shaft is 30 splines and is the same as a Suzuki Swift, Samurai, and Sidekick and uses the Grant part #4510 and a spacer part #4001. I have $75 in the whole thing which I didn't think was too bad. It added some extra room and feels 100x better than the old wheel.


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  8. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    looks good, now you just need an aftermarket gas pedal :D
  9. danish

    danish Member

    I don't think you can get any more aftermarket than a nut and bolt!!:)
  10. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    that's what i was joking about :D
  11. danish

    danish Member

    I actually set my foot on the edge closet to the door when I drive. My ankle would hurt with the actual gas pedal so out came the grinder and a little welding. Very comfortable...
  12. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Looks great! And you solved the mysteries for others by posting part #'s. Great Job!

  13. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    the wheel looks great!!...anybody know if this would be the same adapter kit for a mitsu?
  14. danish

    danish Member

    It the shaft is 30 spline then there is a good possibility it will.
  15. gilalwin

    gilalwin New Member

    grants . How do I find it on the net? My steering feels big and bulky
  16. confuzed

    confuzed Member

    Wheel looks good.Not sure about the custom gas pedal though.Anyways the way i drive I could use a manual choke set up for throttle lol two speeds stop and to the floor:eek: Acctually most of my miles have been highway as it is about a 3 minute drive to work.My foot tends to tire being held to the floor for an hour +:D
  17. Ravk

    Ravk Member

    Gilalwin, try Partsource, JB auto, Mopac, NAPA or Bumper to bumper, all here in Edmonton.
    I have a Grant wheel on my Acty. Alot better than the original

  18. gilalwin

    gilalwin New Member

    Subaru Sambar steering install kit

    You are throwing people like me off by not telling them you have a Suzuki. This kit of yours does not fit on a Sambar. Does anyone out there know which kit does?
  19. gilalwin

    gilalwin New Member

    I picked up a grants steering wheel but does anyone know which installation kit is needed for a Subary Sambar?
  20. danish

    danish Member

    I have given all the information needed for everybody to make their own decisions on what they need and how to get it. Yes, it is a Suzuki but with the info given you should be able to figure out what will work. Sorry for any misinformation...
  21. Ravk

    Ravk Member

    The best way I have done it was to bring in the steering wheel to the custom shop (JB, Mopac etc.) and match them up. Sometimes you get lucky.

  22. zardoz

    zardoz Member

    Look at the first post...

    danish most certainly said he was driving a "Carry", if I'm not mistaken ... zuki is the only manufacturer that brands a truck as a Carry. Slashin folks that are trying to help will only convince them to keep the little jewels of knowledge to themselves...


  23. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    I would love to find a smaller wheel for my toyota, just i would miss that space age 80's horn button! lol. it would be nice for a wheel that is a bit smaller diameter, bit thicker to hold on to and sticks out more, kinda like a "craiger" wheel i got in my regal.

    and for the gas pedal thing, mine has a screw under the pedal that you can adjust for setting your "cruise control" at highway speed. it effectively works as a limiter. Also since mine is diesel, i have an idle adjustment knob. can idle it up quite a bit.
  24. WELDER

    WELDER Member

    I just installed a racing wheel I had laying around here in my Sambar pickup. I used a Grant adapter kit. I can grab some numbers off it if anyone wants, just shoot me a pm.
  25. Fordmxracer

    Fordmxracer New Member

    So the adaptor kit from grant 4510 will NOT work. I currently have grant searching for a kit that will fit. The shank is 5/8” and there are 36 teeth. I will inform what I find
  26. Fordmxracer

    Fordmxracer New Member

    Here a pic if the 4510 kit

    Attached Files:

  27. Fordmxracer

    Fordmxracer New Member

    Grants 3390 kit works. No room for washer but the nut does run down.
  28. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    5/8 doesn’t sound right. How did you measure it?

    Just about everything on a minitruck is metric. 16-mm sounds more like a probable size.

    If you search eBay, and set the location to worldwide, you may have better luck.
  29. Fordmxracer

    Fordmxracer New Member

    You may be righ
    you may be right on the exact size but I am currently running the 3390 adaptor and grant wheel with no noticeable play. The size is slightly smaller than 5/8, hence having to play around with 3 different adaptors. I have not figured out the horn deal yet so I just pulled the fuse. There is an adaptor specifically for this truck that you can order from japan that costs like $25+ $60+ in shipping. I learned about it after the fact but no harm since the grant Adaptor was like $18 on amazon

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