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AFCO Spring Install

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by cmaxxer, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. aeroshots

    aeroshots Member

    I think I have maybe possibly sort of settled on installing 225# springs. I weigh 175lb my wife weighs 110. Only a portable winch and front bumper/brush guard and tool chest in bed behind cab. Any comments? Should I use the 250# springs?:confused:
    For those that are looking for 275# springs, try here. Great price--$37.00. By the way, I already contacted them and the 225# and 250# are the usually found $60.00
  2. bronco351

    bronco351 New Member

    I put AFCO 250# 10" on my 90 Hijet. They work AWESOME. Probably the best mod I have done. They added 1" lift in the front, so it is a bit high in the front at the moment. :D
  3. bigguybigguy

    bigguybigguy New Member

    I am very happy with what i did and the ride is so much better.
    I think you are on the right track have fun and if you use the band machine for installtion is easy 45min to do both sides.
    My 2cents worth
  4. les_jones83

    les_jones83 New Member

    i also installed AFCO springs on my 91 hijet i went with 300lbs and they ride nice a bit stiff but i would rather it be stiff than bottoning out i also have a custom bumper in the works so i went with the stiffer spring
  5. lndscpe

    lndscpe New Member

    Spring compressed length?

    As I've been reading the posts here I have been thinking about the spring change also, I went out and measured the current compressed spring length on my 96 Carry, DD51T, and I'm seeing a compressed/installed length of 8"Is this about what your seeing for installed spring height?, is the free/uninstalled length 10" then on the DD51T's? I thought before I make my Carry non moveable and take the spring off to check free length off I'd ask first and get the springs ordered then make the swap. Also I might have missed this but are the spring rates for the DD51T and the DB51T the same? I would think they were but was trying to just get a spring rate slightly stiffer than stock. I would be thankful for you input on the DD51T side. Thanks
  6. project_x

    project_x Member


    YMMV, but the springs I removed from my '93 DD51T were 10". I replaced them with AFCO 275lb 10" springs. This gave me about a 2" lift in the front.
  7. aeroshots

    aeroshots Member

    My 1997 Suzi DD51T compressed spring height is 7.5 inches. Uncompressed is 10.25 for the factory spring. I installed the 225#, 10 inch AFCO spring. I am pleased with the outcome:D.
    Photos to follow in my members photo gallery--when I can figure out how to download/upload/crossload or whatever.:frustration:
  8. cajun666

    cajun666 New Member

    i just got
    HAL-10-300 - Coil-Over Spring, 300 lbs./in. Rate, 10 in. Length, 2.5 in. Diameter, Silver Powdercoated, Each $75.76

    for my hijet at work so it be 13 days befoer i can install them
  9. aeroshots

    aeroshots Member

    Photos of AFCO 225# installed

    I am slow and deliberate when it comes to such things, so this project took longer than it takes most people. I am pleased with the 225 springs. Took it on some woop-de-doos the other day. Great!:)

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  10. o8k

    o8k Member

    If no one minds, i would like to link this thread here to this one:
    Located in Suzuki Carry forum under lifting a carry...
    and this one, located in the general section...
    As it turns out, some of these folks are still having trouble w/ camber adjustments and CV binding w/ the spring lift, and this solution is not a silver bullet. If you get an AFCO 300lb/in spring vs a 225 vs a 250 vs a 275, all of these should actually provide "different" amounts of lift. For more on this read post 37 by greg0187 here: http://www.minitrucktalk.com/showthread.php?t=1777&page=3

    I would also like to add a little about IFS lifts (in general, not mini-truck specific, but applicable). There are several ways to lift an IFS (Independent Front Suspension)

    OTT (Over The Top) spacer Lift:
    Description: Pushes the whole strut assy down which creates lift.
    Advantages: Dont have to take the strut assy apart (no spring compressors, nada. Quick, cheap, easy) and accomidates larger tire diameters usually within 10%.
    Disadvantages: Changes geometry risking over extension of the control arm ball joints, pistons, and Axle CVs (if applicable).
    Comments: Very common due to the ease and lack of cost, often, aftermarket venders will sell mega lifts of this type which ruin said vulnerable parts on vehicle. Avoid this lift type for extreem lifting (keep to 1-2" max).

    Spacer lift inside strut assy
    Description Same as above but the spacer is now inside the strut assy. This now pre-tensions the spring (by the number of inches the spacer is) so when you put the vehicle down on its wheels, it rides higher. Example 2" pre-tension w/ 200lb/in spring * two springs is 800lbs, which effectivly makes your vehicle; a) 800lbs lighter :D or b) gives the springs 800lbs of extra down force to hold your vehicle up...
    Advantages Cheap, not quite as easy, little bit more time consuming, keeps geometry much closer to stock. and accomidates larger tire diameters usually within 10%.
    Disadvantages Still puts ball joints, cv angles, piston shaft length items at risk (less than above). Creates a "stiffer" ride than the OTT. Max compression can bind the spring coils alltogether b4 the strut assy bottoms out, makes yucky noise, not good for springs exactly.
    Comments None.

    New Springs Option1 Longer springs, same spring rate:
    New springs Option2 Same length, higher spring rate:

    Description: these are effectivly the same thing, they accomplish the same goal as the spacer shuved inside the spring assy (mentioned above, not the OTT).
    Advantages: More travel than Spacer inside strut assy, spring coils wont bind together under full compression like above. Can accomidate larger tire diameters usually within 10%.
    Disadvantages: More travel puts more risk on geometry risks mentioned above. Aftermarket springs often settle at different rates making your vehicle "shlump" but stock springs can do this as well. again more expensive than the spacer lifts
    Comments; great bang for the buck, my personal favorite way to go.

    Dropping the Diff
    Description: when you must lift beyond what the last three can handle (which is typically only about 2.5 ~ 3" max b4 geometry issues run amuck). All other lifts only change the strut tower/spring assy. However, this lift also drops the differential, control arms, and everything else needed to maintain as close to factory angles for the axle and CV joints as possible.
    Advantages: Virutally illiminates risk to ball joints, shock pistons, cv joint binding etc. Creates the most lift you can get and if you want lift, this is as good as it gets! Accomidates the largest tire diameters possible (usually greater than 10%
    Disadvantages: Cost. Difficult to install. alters vehicle center of gravity beyond its design parameters (creates real danger for your automatic traction control algorithms if your vehicle has any). Can change the angle for your drive shaft U joints and put them at risk (see diagram below) of going pow! Since U joints are not Constant velocity (see "Other Diagram"). Typically this lift accomidates masive tires which weigh more and thus put an overburdon on your vehicle's breaks and stopping distance. Larger tires of this percentage also burdon your axles, differentials etc. And your vehicles effective power and torque are also reduced.


    Other diagram (constant velocity model):
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2009
  11. o8k

    o8k Member

  12. o8k

    o8k Member

    AFCO lift installed! used the 10" 250lb springs. Zip wheel'ed em on the ends to fit the strut notches. Got about 1.25" lift out of it. Axle angles look great, no clunking or poping, CVs are happy. Although i would have liked to get more lift out of it, im happy that the angles are very safe looking underneath. my total clearance at the front diff is now 8.25" (which includes the 1" lift i got from adding 23" tires.)

    ALso noticed when i jack up the front, the front wheels only extend about 1/4" b4 they are maxed out... Kinda curious why i didnt get 2"+ lift from this like lots of folks in here. I am leaning on attributing that to how much i cut off the springs to make them fit into the strut notches...

    Pictures to follow...
  13. bronco351

    bronco351 New Member

    I left the 2" spacers on with the new coils. I have probably 3-3.25" lift. I have 24" tires so I needed that much lift so the tires wouldn't hit. I still have 2" lift in the back. I am going to add about an inch or so in the back to level it. I also lowered the front diff 1". I'd recommend that for anything 2" or more.
  14. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    I didn't see but an 1" 1.25" on mine. They will settle a bit after some use too. Not much though. How is the ride now?
  15. o8k

    o8k Member

    OMG like a Baja Super Racer man!!! Well its night and day between that and the Maxxis Ceros 23x8x12 tires maxed out at 12psi. Off road is a dream, on road is a nightmare... good thing my stocker wheels are all set if i need to just swap....

    Anecdote: I live on 3 acres and there is a 1mile long dirt road that takes me to pavement, then civilization... There are about 3-4 significant desert washes that are about 15-25ft deep and the occasional wash board at the moment (as my neighbor hasn't graded the road recently due to lack of rain). Some of the bumps in the road b4 the spring install would get the truck oscillating violently till it started bucking like a bronco and hoping sideways (switching ends ect). Unless i kept it under about 10mph.

    And by the way, the first time i hit that spot, i did think i was about to do a 1/2 gainer flip and land shiny side down, it was quite scary.

    I zipped over that spot today at 10, then 20, then 25mph like it wasn't even there!!!! :D
  16. Elk Man

    Elk Man New Member

    Great detailed info cmaxxer! I have a question for you when you get time.

    Good stuff cmaxxer. Thanks for the great pics and detailed "how to". I have a question or two for you when you get time. Thanks Elk Man
  17. cmaxxer

    cmaxxer New Member

    Sure, what can I help you with?
  18. Little Foot

    Little Foot Member

    Just wondering what I'm missing here with these lifts. I installed 185/65R14's on my stock 1992 Carry. I measure 23.75" wheel diameter. This tire doesn't hit bang or rub. I've put 7000Kms since upgrading to these wheels and never felt anything rubbing. I've bottomed out the struts and still no rubbing. So is this lift just for looks or to accomodate mags or knobby tires, and do you get extra body roll? Don't get me wrong I think the lifts look good. Just wondering! Here's mine with the bigger wheels and a smile.

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    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
  19. Elk Man

    Elk Man New Member

    cmaxxer: I have a 97 Suzuki Carry All DD51T. I need to get a heavier coil spring, I am being thrown around like a rag doll on my hunting property. I have a either a 2" or 3" lift kit with 23" ATV tires. I might add a winch and front bumper, by that is a big maybe. I would like to know what spring and the diameter you have, where you purchased, etc. Since you have had the new springs for a while would you do anyting different? I will be taking this to a mechanic as this is more than I can take on. Thanks, Elk Man.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
  20. Elk Man

    Elk Man New Member

    cmaxxer, Since you have had the new coils on for a while, would you do anything different now? I have a 97 Suzuki DD51T with a 3" lift and 23" atv tires. Are the spring specs the same as your ride?

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