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Acty Manual

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by jpaul70631, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. jpaul70631

    jpaul70631 New Member

    I got this the Danko Manual when I got my Acty Van. Sold the van. Buyer already had the manual, so I've scanned it and made a PDF.
    Until I get another Acty,
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  2. Adam C Spry

    Adam C Spry Member Supporting Member

    I just received my hard copy after about three weeks due to the weather related shipping delays... having a digital copy will be great! thanks @jpaul70631 !
  3. TLynn731

    TLynn731 New Member

    Is this Still available? when i click the link it says the file you have requested does not exist. thank you for your time
  4. shogun

    shogun Active Member

    I assume it was removed due to copyright reasons.
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  5. rkasc4

    rkasc4 New Member

    Still works for me when I click on it. Try it again, it might work.
  6. shogun

    shogun Active Member

    does not work for me, quote: Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist. Make sure that you have the correct URL and the file exists.

    can you post once more the link where you can get it?
  7. rkasc4

    rkasc4 New Member

    Hi shogun,

    I've messaged you on your profile page.

  8. ErikAlexandre

    ErikAlexandre New Member

    Can I also get the .PDF? I get the same error when I click the link. Thank you!
  9. rkasc4

    rkasc4 New Member

    I've just messaged you.
  10. yuri

    yuri New Member

    hello, the link does not work for me as well, could you please send it to me? Thanks!
  11. rkasc4

    rkasc4 New Member

    hi yuri, I’ve just messaged you.
  12. wooodlandfarms

    wooodlandfarms New Member

    Rkasc can you put me in on your link as well? Much appreciated.
  13. rkasc4

    rkasc4 New Member

    Just messaged you.
  14. Josh Byrne

    Josh Byrne New Member

    Hey man! Could you send me this too please? Would be super helpful :D
  15. rkasc4

    rkasc4 New Member

    Just messaged you :)
  16. dgame

    dgame New Member

    Hi, I don't have an Acty and I like reading manuals, Please & Thank you
  17. rkasc4

    rkasc4 New Member

    Just messaged you
  18. jpaul70631

    jpaul70631 New Member

    Sorry, Champs. I cleaned up my Google Drive and moved the file. I'll find and repost.
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  19. jpaul70631

    jpaul70631 New Member

    Here's a link to the google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10ndU5FZb-AEi_jYYEsCnaum6Q5gtyCw3/view?usp=sharing
  20. jpaul70631

    jpaul70631 New Member

  21. jpaul70631

    jpaul70631 New Member

  22. jpaul70631

    jpaul70631 New Member

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