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Acty fuse box location and translation

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by shogun, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. shogun

    shogun Member

    explained by Ben from Houston Mini Trucks
  2. Lee17

    Lee17 Member

    Ben is awesome! Super helpful and very nice! Thanks for the link shogun
  3. DWils

    DWils Member

    He calls the first fuses he points to as the "horizontal" fuses, but they're really vertical. The fuse puller sounds about right, but I have yet to walk out to my van and double-check. The rest of the fuses he points out seem to correspond to the diagram in the English Factory Service Manual as written by James L Danko.

    For those who don't want to watch the video, here are the fuses as outlined in the manual from left to right, top to bottom:
    Column 1: 15A condensor fan, 15 A/C
    Column 2: 15A rear defroster, 15A cooling fan, BLANK, 15A stop light, 10A right headlight, 15A left headlight, 15A interior lights
    Column 3: 10A radio, 20A sub-cooling fan, 10A rear heater, 20A heater motor
    Column 4: 15A condenser fan, 15A *AC (literally what it says in the manual, so maybe "accessory" instead of "air conditioning"?), 20A wiper, 15A turn signal
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  4. SeattleActyVan

    SeattleActyVan New Member

    I'm looking to change my fuel filter - which fuse controls the fuel pump? Or is it not necessary to depressurize the fuel lines because it's carbureted?
  5. shogun

    shogun Member

    no need to pull a fuse, even on my fuel injected cars I replaced the fuel filter without pulling a fuse. Just remove the hose and let the fuel run into a small container, it will not be much.
  6. SeattleActyVan

    SeattleActyVan New Member

    Thanks Shogun. Planning on doing the filter later this week and wanted to make sure I had everything on hand I'd need and didn't want to wind up with gas all over the place.
  7. shogun

    shogun Member

    Another good site with many pics showing what is where, including fuses https://robrobinette.com/Honda_ACTY.htm
    1991 Honda ACTY truck HA4
    Table of Contents
    Vin Number Location
    Cargo Capacity
    Tire Pressure
    Fuel Tank Capacity
    Jack Points
    Engine Oil Change
    Oil Filter
    Engine Oil
    Manual Transmission Fluid Change
    Front Differential Fluid Change
    Lug Nuts
    Wheel Adapters
    Lift Kit
    Brake Fluid
    Air Filter
    Fuel Filter
    Fuel Pump
    Coolant System Flush
    Water Pump
    Timing Belt
    Alternator Belt
    Air Conditioning Compressor Belt
    Parts Suppliers
    Spark Plugs
    Windshield Wipers
    Wheel Bearings
    Clutch Pedal Adjustment
    Fuse Box Location
    Radio Replacement
    Steering Wheel
    Honda Real Time 4WD
    2/4 Wheel Drive Selector
    Gas Mileage
    Engine Compression
    Electronic Ignition
    Suspension Alignment

    1989 to 1997 ACTY Specifications
    Idle Speed: 950 <> 1000 RPM
    Fast Idle: 2200 to 3200
    CO@ 3000 RPM <= 0.1
    Oil Pressure: 55 to 64 PSI, 3.8 to 4.4 BAR
    Fuel Pressure: 1 to 2 PSI, 0.07 to 0.14 BAR
    Fuel 9.8 gallons, 37 liters of regular, low octane gasoline.
    Reported Gas Mileage: Ranges from 35 to 53 miles per gallon (15 to 22.5 kilometers per liter)
    Engine Compression: 14 BAR (203 PSI) at 250 RPM (normal starter spin rate) with 9.5 BAR (138 PSI) minimum, max difference between cylinders of 2 BAR (29 PSI). If compression is low adjust the valves and try again.
    Valve Clearance Cold: Intake 0.18 to 0.22mm, Exhaust 0.25 to 0.29mm
    CO@ 3000RPM => 0.1%
    HC@ 3000RPM => 200 PPM
    Electronic Ignition
    Coil resistance: 1.78 to 2.08 ohms
    Trem 15(+): 12V
    Ignition Timing: Manual Transmission 4 deg +/-2 deg at 1000 RPM, Automatic Transmission at 1150 RPM
    Centrifugal advance: 0 @ 0 to 1400
    18 to 22 @ 2400 to 2600
    28 to 32 @ 5500
    Vacuum range: 73 to 307 millibar
    Suspension Alignment
    Front: Toe in: In 1mm +/-3 mm
    Camber: HA3 +1 deg +/- 1 deg, HA4 +1.2 deg +/- 1 deg, HA4 & HH4 +1.3 deg +/- 1 deg
    Caster: HA3, HA4, HH4 2.3 deg +/- 1 deg; HH3 2.5 deg +/- 1 deg
    King Pin Incline: +12 deg 30'
    Rear: Toe in: 0 +/-3 mm (rear is not adjustable)
    Camber: 0 (rear is not adjustable)
    Parking Brake: 44 lb (20 kg) pull in the 8 to 12th notch.
    Brake Pedal: Height from floor 145 mm, Backlash 1-10 mm.
    Front Brake Disc: 10 mm minimum thickness
    Brake Pads: 3 mm minimum thickness
    Rear Brake Drum: 2 mm minimum lining thickness

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