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Acty Alternator Repair Service!

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by Tommydotk, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Tommydotk

    Tommydotk New Member

    Hello Mini Truckers!

    I recently imported my 4th Acty and this one has truly tested my patience. After replacing my dead battery with a lawn mower battery it was time to turn it over. Once it cranked over, the battery light and the exhaust temperature sensor light was on. Not only was the light on, but there was horrendous faulty bearing noise coming from something. I went ahead and pulled the belt off to the alternator and it went away. Now I need a new alternator.

    I searched around for alternators and found used ones and some Chinese manufactured alternators. Some sites had alternators for cheap but shipping was $700 (wtf?!). I then decided to call around locally hoping some alternator repair shop can repair this thing. The first shop I call I ask if he can repair an alternator with the numbers and manufacturer labeled on the alternator. He stayed on the phone with me to tell me he can get the parts in tomorrow (YES!!!). I drove 20 minutes there to drop it off and the work he did on this alternator made it brand new.

    I've attached the list of parts he replaced along with standard cleaning up of the alternator (prices may be different so I asked him to write down what was replaced). They did an amazing job on repair and the price was just right. They also do starters but i've yet to cross reference our starters with their parts catalog.

    Additional info: The exhaust heater sensor went away once I had full power delivery from the alternator.

    Info to shop:

    Indy Alternator and Starter

    (317) 801-8551

    310 Indianapolis Rd, Ste J
    Mooresville, Indiana 46158

    Attached Files:

  2. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    Yeah Denso makes the majority of alternators for the small trucks and many vehicles. If you look hard enough at small tractors/ excavators you'll find an alternator that will drop in. Starters will be servicable without anything special also except you'll probably find they can't get the bendix stuff.

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