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A few pics of my Acty. Oct 15

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by ADY282, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. ADY282

    ADY282 New Member

    Acty1.jpg Acty1.jpg 12034458_10208151371405956_398461560970027668_o.jpg
  2. ADY282

    ADY282 New Member

    Got this in Oct as an import from Japan form a dealer in Essex UK and have started a few mods already
  3. ADY282

    ADY282 New Member

    12003938_10208313242212625_4708314903965504435_n.jpg 12115997_10208250358240565_1312522040593988427_n.jpg 12106854_10208313242132623_6928463878493856294_n.jpg First things were plates (Jap design) and getting the wheels banded
  4. ADY282

    ADY282 New Member

    12115997_10208250358240565_1312522040593988427_n.jpg 12003938_10208313242212625_4708314903965504435_n.jpg 12106854_10208313242132623_6928463878493856294_n.jpg First Of all Wheels and Jap style plates
  5. ADY282

    ADY282 New Member

  6. shogun

    shogun Member

    Nice, which tire size is now on these wheels?
  7. ADY282

    ADY282 New Member

    There 165/60/12
  8. Barry Read

    Barry Read New Member

  9. r@tch

    r@tch New Member

    I'm jealous of how tidy that is compared to mine :D

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