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95 Honda Acty .. will update as I do more.

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by ThxAlotObama, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. ThxAlotObama

    ThxAlotObama New Member

    I've had my truck for a couple of months now and I wanted to make a post with the pics but I was having a hard time uploading the pics. I ended up uploading them here and plan to add more as things get done (not all my photos are uploaded).

    When I get more time I list out all the things I've done to date, not sure how detailed I'll be here.. I guess it will depend on people's interests in this truck and its progress.

    Newest Pics on my IG: @ThxAlotObama
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  2. rkasc4

    rkasc4 New Member

    I'm definitely interested to see what you've done. Keep us updated, please!
  3. trktrd

    trktrd Active Member

    Always wondered if one would fit on a uhaul car hauler. Just barely I see. Hope you didn’t tear up your inner side walls getting it on there. Looks really tight.
  4. ThxAlotObama

    ThxAlotObama New Member

    The tires it came with were dry rotted. I swapped those out with some Federal SS-657 155/80R12 within a couple of days of ownership. They fit well and ride decent, on stock suspension.

    However, I just installed some GAZ Coilovers but even at the tallest height, it's slammed. I found some "Ruland msp-50-f" that I'm going to install before the new wheels to gain 1-2in height. Then I'm going to swap wheels and tires for 185/55/r14 Yokahama Advan A0522 on 96-00 Civic HX wheels. Also running a set of 1in. 4x100 56.1mm hub centric wheel spacers all the way around to gain clearance and some additional wheelbase.

    Here are some pics from the weekend (did some steam cleaning while taking things apart) but it's too low. Here are those pics
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  5. ShaneEM

    ShaneEM New Member

    Waiting on my GAZ Shocks to get shipped next week. This is good info! That thing is slammed. Im running 20mm spacers all around. Hope I wont have any clearance issues. Does the suspension provide a good ride? My stock struts are TOAST!
  6. rkasc4

    rkasc4 New Member

    Wow, your truck looks super clean now! Really good to see what you’ve done and how you’ve done it.

    I’ve got loads to do with mine... just about to refurbish my wheels and might have to put spacers on as I can’t work out in my head whether they’re gonna rub or not.

    Then I’m gonna put some sound deadening in and hopefully dye my very faded interior.

  7. ThxAlotObama

    ThxAlotObama New Member

    I asked for the highest possible spring rates they can offer based upon the shock/strut valving limits(I might end up changing, and would not recommend unless you are going to try and autoX or race it). Currently, on smooth roads and turns it does great on the 12in wheels (I'll update when I have the 14in on). If I hit a bump or anything on the roads it sometimes rubs, and it bounces like crazy. I did start with the highest possible settings, and once I get the shaft collars on and get the damping correct I hope it gets a little better. I'd say currently with the setup I requested it's closer to Autocross ready than Street. Personally, I sacrifice ride quality over performance and I enjoy spirited driving but the springs rates seem a little high for street use. I understand I ordered them that way, but worst case I'll end up with 2 sets of springs I can change out.

    I'm also looking around for someone to make custom rear leaf springs to lower the back a 1/2 inch or so, haven't crossed the bridge yet.
  8. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Benny’s Custom Works on YouTube, lowered the rear of his Mazda/Suzuki by moving the springs to the bottom of the axle.
  9. ThxAlotObama

    ThxAlotObama New Member

    This won't work on the Acty due to how Honda designed the truck like a FWD car but flipped. There might be some way to modify how the rear leaf spring connects to the frame, but both leaf spring bushing are dry rotted on my truck.
  10. Adam C Spry

    Adam C Spry Member Supporting Member

    I am definitely following and interested in your progress. Keep the pics coming.
  11. Skeets

    Skeets Member

    lup nice
  12. Skeets

    Skeets Member

    I'm doing a 2" lift and have searched for the rubber leaf spring bushings. Have you replaced yours and if so, where did you get them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Fals0

    Fals0 New Member

    did you ever figure out the rear leaf spring situation? I just ordered some Gaz coils for my 91 and as I’m waiting on the shipment to arrive I’m wondering what to do with the leafs. Some designs when switching to a coil you remove the springs all together I have no idea what to do with this truck.
  14. coffeemaker

    coffeemaker Member

    What is the spring rate you ended up with on the front of your Acty?
  15. ThxAlotObama

    ThxAlotObama New Member

    I never did find a company willing and able to make custom leafs, I still run with the factory leafs. It does great on smooth roads. I did have to add some Collars to the shocks in the front since it was way too low at first. I've kinda moved from here to posting things on my IG: @ThxAlotObama

    I have a bunch of pics on there, plus its how I got my custom rear wing from @redskullprojects who is swapping a K20 into his Acty.
  16. ThxAlotObama

    ThxAlotObama New Member

    I asked for a high rate, but I regret it.. and if I don't sell my truck I may get a 2nd set of springs at a lower rate for comfort. I'm not sure what the rates are...If I find it I'll update things here.
  17. Fals0

    Fals0 New Member

    Cool just fallowed you im @Jdm_and_dog
  18. yeah I couldnt do the high rate gaz gave me, i had them on less than 1000 miles before going back to stock.
  19. ThxAlotObama

    ThxAlotObama New Member

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