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95 honda acty timing belt installation diagram

Discussion in 'Honda Acty References' started by OzarkTech, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. OzarkTech

    OzarkTech New Member

    Can anyone help with a diagram for timing belt alignment marks, for crankshaft and camshaft pulleys on engine block, recently bought this truck was checking belt for maintenance, and appears its not timed right, has a new belt already, when starting, at initial engagement of starter it cranks hard like timing is too far advanced, any help will be apprecaited, I'm new to the forum, hopefully I can return the favor, Thanks
  2. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

    I'll post some info for you tomorrow. I left my manual out in the shop tonight when I came in for the night.
  3. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

    I'll try to explain the timing marks and if it doesn't make sense let me know and tonight when I get to the house I'll scan the manual page.

    Line up the TDC notch on the crankshaft pulley with the line up mark

    The UP marked on the cam pulley should be up and the two notch marks should be lined up with the machined valve cover mounting surface.
  4. OzarkTech

    OzarkTech New Member

    Timing belt installation diagram

    Thanks for the info! I wanted some idea before I took the cover off to check the belt condition. I was surprised to find a new timing belt and water pump when I got it apart. I recently bought this 95 ACTY and have been checking it over before I decide to keep it, shows 167,000 KM on odometer and so far I'm amazed what excellent condition it's in.:D Thanks Again
  5. burrisjason

    burrisjason New Member

    I am having the same problem. I know the marks on the cam but where are they on the crank?
  6. vtg

    vtg Member

    I'm not sure about a 95, but on my 92 Acty, there is a mark on the crank gear that will align with a mark on the engine block. The attached pic shows both those marks outlined in red. I suspect that most all model years of Acty 660 would be similar. There is also a mark on the bottom alternator drive pulley that will align with a mark on the black plastic housing when the #1 piston is at TDC, but that's really not much help because you can't adjust the timing belt with the plastic housing in place.

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  7. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

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  8. weoner

    weoner New Member

    but what about the cam timing. somebody described it in another post but it did not make a lick of sense to me when i actually tried to do it?
  9. Bert Stevens

    Bert Stevens New Member

    for future reference . I have my cam pulley out, can get good picture. 1 cylinder is TDC when the two smaller marks align with top of head, when the larger ones are down , it marks 2 and 3tdc

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