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93 Suzuki carry loss of power when pushing accelerator

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Matt Hartschuh, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Matt Hartschuh

    Matt Hartschuh New Member

    Hello everyone, I have been looking through the forum boards trying to find my answer, but haven't found a real definite answer. If someone knows a specific forum post please let me know and I am sorry if this question has been asked 100 times before mine. Basically what is happening with my 93 carry (DD51T) is when it starts, it idles high then when it starts to idle down after driving it around it will start to die when you push the accelerator and wanting to run rough like it's losing fuel. All the parts are still original on it and the only thing I have changed was a bad fuel pump. The fuel pump is still working and has been checked. All my filters have been changed and after looking at some parts available for our trucks I am trying to get an idea of what I should order to try and fix this problem. I know I want to order a new distributor cap and wires along with changing the spark plugs, but I don't know if I should get an ignition coil, along with a carburetor rebuild kit. I have also seen a carburetor fuel cutoff solenoid, an idle up control valve, carburetor chamber diaphragm, and a fast idle control diaphragm. If anyone has any knowledge on the fast idle control diaphragm and carburetor chamber diaphragm please let me know because I am not familiar with what these parts do. This problem has just started happening and I really want to fix my truck because it's a blast to drive around.

    Thanks for anyones that responds and helps me out because it is greatly appreciated

  2. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    I have a 91 DB51 myself.
    I have very little top end power myself, yet love the truck! (still struggling with the right hand drive)
    I understand that there can be a problem with the Cat?
    I myself don't understand a Cat on a Carb motor, but then again I had one on my VWDiesel as well!
    And then there is that Carb and all the Vac lines!
    I have been talking about going EFI?
    One thing to remember is that these little 660cc 4 valve motors turn like 8000 RPM!
  3. Matt Hartschuh

    Matt Hartschuh New Member

    EFI would be nice for sure! I have been looking at threads where guys also have done motor swaps and I know they apparently made some mini trucks with turbos on them!! I need to check my vacuum lines and make sure everything is still secure under the cab, but like I said before with everything being original new parts won't hurt anything, so I am leaning towards rebuilding the carbureator also and any idea how to check if the cat is bad?
  4. Matt Hartschuh

    Matt Hartschuh New Member

    Okay, I did the tried and true tinker, poke, and smack things to make it work and stumbled onto something that seemed to work with my problem. After tinkering with the carb and finding it flooding and getting into the air filter, I cussed and moved on to the cap and rotor. Cap was really fowled so I cleaned the connections and started playing with the position of the distributor to play with the timing. For some reason also the wires looked odd to me because they were wrapped around each other in a cluster. I unwrapped them so they don't overlap and moved the distributor all the way to the right by loosening the star bolt. After that my idle seems to be smoothed out and it hasn't stalled or lost power when pressing the gas. I don't know if the timing was slightly off causing this problem or the spark plug wires were interfering with each other being crossed even though that seems unlikely, but for right now its going good. I am still going to change the plugs, cap and rotor, and probably the carburetor (or rebuild) just to be safe and see if it takes care of a slight little miss still being felt. If the problem comes back or if the replacement parts help I will be sure to let everyone know.
  5. IMetSoN

    IMetSoN New Member

    Hello Matt, funny,... I own a 1999 suzuki carry nd I see. To experience the same problem.. When I step on the gas, the truck loses power like there's no fuel.. I just got my truck March this Yr nd this the problem I'm facing.. Any thoughts? Thanks

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