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93 daihatsu jumbo cab west Tn.

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Sales' started by cottonfarmer, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. cottonfarmer

    cottonfarmer New Member

    1993 Daihatsu Jumbo Cab (1992 stamped on seatbelt tag) 901-331-0893
    very very clean truck
    odometer shows 1,747 km. PROBABLY IS 101747 KM. (cant tell it from a 20 k truck though)
    no dents anywhere! not even inside the bed
    4x4 high low range/ pushbutton 4x4
    runs 67mph with stock tires
    lifted 3 in./ spacers & added wedge under rear springs@ $ 250
    put new HD coil springs @ cost of $160.
    lots better ride with new springs
    Vision Bruiser 161 al. rims / ITP MUDLITE XTR RADIALS @ $750
    no rubbing...ever
    (also have vision161 bruiser with 23inch supergrip diamond back A/T- YOUR CHOICE)
    serviced/oilchange/new fac. airfilter @$50
    bought an extra/ never offroaded/ never mudded
    runs great! I bought em and tricked em out for fun!
    I have $6200 in this truck without labor... will sell for 6500.00
    I also have a 97 jumbo for sale as well
    have camo clad 4 this truck 4 sheets for $250
    901-331-0893 west Tn.

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    Last edited: Aug 19, 2008
  2. araley

    araley New Member

    I have the same exact truck. You said you put a shim under the rear, what degree shim did you use. I put a 4 degree shim in and i think it is to much, have not had a chance to road test it yet. Also did you use the Afco 250 front springs? How much difference does it make the ride?

  3. cottonfarmer

    cottonfarmer New Member

    Afco 225lb Coils

    i USED THE AFCO 225 LB SPRINGS. they are great! I have them on two jumbo cabs now! I highly reccomend them. you will not bottom out anylonger in rough terain etc. after you istall these springs. I dont plan on using any heavier springs in the future either. these are perfect. I shimmed my rear axle to keep rear driveline in alignment after lifting rear with an added leaf spring. not sure what degree of angle. however on my other trucks I have used the simpler extended shackle lift and do not believe they need any shims when lifted in that manner.
  4. araley

    araley New Member

    I read in another post that i thought you used the 250# models. Did you change to the 225#. Not sure which would be best. I plan on adding a receiver to the front for a winch but do not plan on a big bumper.

  5. cottonfarmer

    cottonfarmer New Member

    Hmmm Will Have To Check On That.....

    WILL HAVE TO CHECK BUT 225 WAS STICKING IN MY HEAD. gREG USED A HEAVIER SPRING THAN i DID. AND MY HATS OFF TO HIM FOR Sourcing and making me aware of his expierience. He was the spring pioneer!
  6. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    The truck looks nice David. I tried to call you last week but didn't get an answer. I was just wondering how things were going. I think you got the 250#

  7. cottonfarmer

    cottonfarmer New Member

    I think 250 is correct

    Hey greg... sorry i dint know you called. I have been out of town alot. the springs are great. I have them on both trucks now. I wouldnt change a thing!
    I believe you guys are right I prob. did use the 250s... I wil check on my invoice tonight... or I may have saved a copy of order in email... ill check.
    call anytime guys 901-331-0893

    BIGJER New Member

    Spring Part #

    Could You List The Part # From Afco That You Used?
    I Think I Want To Do It To Mine.. Thanks
  9. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

  10. dwink

    dwink Member

    So did you add a strut spacer and replacement spring in the front? Or does the replacement spring do the lift in the front?
  11. cottonfarmer

    cottonfarmer New Member

    DWINK...I used a 3 inch spacer and the new 250lb springs... actually gives you about 4-4.4 inches of lift. on future trucks i will use a 2 inch lift and springs as that way I wont feel the need to drop the front suspension cradle as well.
  12. dwink

    dwink Member

    My dad has a 91 jumbo i was going to do something to. So if I put 2" strut spacers up front and changed the springs I would not need to drop the diff?
  13. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member


    i might be speaking out turn here, but it's more dependent on the cv joint angle and if it binds or not weather to space down the diff. i think 2" is the safest whether via spring or spacer. anything more and you *should* drop the diff.
  14. Newokie

    Newokie New Member

    Nice Truck

    Has this sold yet?
  15. rlbean

    rlbean Guest

    nice truck, would you trade for a 1993 gmc sierra ext cab sport side p.u.?
  16. Newokie

    Newokie New Member


    Got any pics or more info available? Might be interested.


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