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93/94 LHD Mitsubishi Minicab For Sale (Central Florida Area)

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Sales' started by 98 SNAKE EATER, May 20, 2008.

  1. Manufacture date stamp on the seatbelt states 93, but I'm not sure if it was sold as 94 or not :confused: (I'm new to the whole mini truck thing)

    Anyhoo, other than a few minor bumps and bruises that doesn't hamper performance, she's in great running condition :)

    Starts right up everytime and will idle all day long without issue :cool:

    Lights, Turnsignals, Wipers, Washers, Heater, Defrost, etc., etc. all function as they should...

    Only 29,xxx miles!!

    Unfortunately, she's only 2wd, otherwise I'd keep her :eek:
  2. [​IMG]

    Asking $2,000 OBO (local pickup ONLY!!)
  3. SOLD!! :D

    Now I gotta pick up another ;)
  4. gumballf355

    gumballf355 Member

    I could use one of those trailer hitches... where'd you get it??

  5. It was like $30 bucks on sale at Harbor Freight :cool:
  6. gumballf355

    gumballf355 Member

    Wow, 15 Ton Pintle Hook
  7. Koffer

    Koffer Active Member

    What with the FZJ80 with the INTI roof rack ,is that for sale ? :D

  8. LOL

    That's my daily beater and I will NEVAR sell her!!

    Also, that's not an Inti rack...

    I couldn't afford an Inti, so I built one myself using leftover tubing at my shop...




  9. Koffer

    Koffer Active Member

    I hear ya there
    My 2 "beaters"


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  10. Terrh

    Terrh New Member

    that's an awesome roof rack, good job on it.

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