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92 Suzuki, No top end power?

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by KElmore, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. UnionRidge

    UnionRidge New Member

    These trucks have a motorcycle style constant velocity (CV) carburetor. The gas pedal operates a normal butterfly valve, but there is a vacuum operated sliding piston upstream of the butterfly valve. The piston has a needle at the bottom of it that regulates the amount of fuel allowed into the carb throat. There is a rubber diagram above the piston which uses engine vacuum to work against a spring pushing down on the piston. These rubber diagrams can develop leaks and will cause you to loose top-end performance. I would pull the carb apart, clean it, and inspect it. You may need a carb rebuild.
  2. Hoit

    Hoit New Member

    Hoits Truck

    Hello everyone. Hope all this works, still very much fumbbleing around this site. I have a absolute mint 1985 Suzuki Carry with 7000k on it. It was a fire truck at one time. The only dissapointment with the thing is the lack of power with a mere 550cc. I love this little truck, but surely it should go faster than 30-40 mph. All indications are that everything seems to be working fine, as the truck runs so good. I am trying to send some pics, we will see what happens.:(:( red mini truck.jpg

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  3. DRW

    DRW Member

    Check your throttle cable for proper adjustment,the cables do stretch and you may not be getting full throttle.Have someone hold the accelerator pedal down and see if you can move the carb bellcrank any towards full throttle.If the cable is out of adjustment be careful,you want the pedal pushed all the way to the stop on the floor and the carb to just be at wide open,you do not want to be binding the carb linkage.
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  4. pavan

    pavan New Member

    I Dad The Same Thing Happen, My Fix Was Not The Plug Wires But The Part That Holds The Spark Plug In The Head On My 660 Cc Suzuki Maybe This Can Help
  5. KElmore

    KElmore New Member

    Problems fixed

    Well after pulling the valve cover off, found out that the freeze plugs were the cause of water getting into the oil.
    Changed out fuel pump, fuel filter, plugs, wires, rotor, n cap. Had the valves set, and now it runs pretty good. Just got to knock the cat out, and add a decent muffler.
    Still need to get my tires balanced,,, cause I got a severe shaking problem above 60km.

    Like the little beast,,, perfect for carrying my two chainsaws, fuel, oil, etc.
  6. Samurai9

    Samurai9 Member

    How much of the work did you do yourself? Any difficulty finding the right parts?

  7. KElmore

    KElmore New Member

    Basic stuff I did, had a local guy that is good with 4 wheelers take care of the water in engine problem cause originally i thought it was a blown head gasket.
    Parts are expensive, but available, I got most of mine thru mactown. They did a great job, of giving me advice and getting me the parts fairly quick.
  8. Any chance the catalytic converter is plugged? I know it sounds weird but it would explain the symptoms.
  9. pavan

    pavan New Member

    low power

    I Had The Same Trouble Low Power And I Checked All Of The Lines And Found That The Spark Plug Wires Were Cracked In The Cly Head, Pull The Spark Plug Wires Out Of The Head And Check Them.
    Put New Set Of Wires On And Fixed It.
  10. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Gold Supporting Member


    We have had several sets of blad plug wires intermittantly shorting out. Changed the wires, then all was fantastic.
  11. smiley

    smiley New Member

    how do you find out if you have a 550 or a 660?
  12. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Gold Supporting Member

    If you have an 89 or older, you have a 550 (Or smaller) 90+ is 660
  13. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    Smiley look at the tag under your seat on the frame and it should say the size. Also look at the seat belt tag and it will tell what year the truck is. ray allen
  14. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    hey how did the new muffler work out? did you loose any bottom end power?
  15. getinold

    getinold New Member

    no power fix

    hey guys im new here looks like a lot of good info here.
    after reading the problem it sounds like some i found on trucks i worked on.
    on the f5a and f6 engines inside the carb there is a screen under the fuel inlet seat and the seat must be removed to find it. the screen may appear clear at first sight but it must be removed to tell for sure because the fuel comes in on the side of the screen not exposed.
    i use an o'ring pic but any very sharp pointed item would do the job. use care not to damage the screen if you choose to clean and reinstall it. also while it is out flush out the entire fuel inlet passage to be sure.
    hope this helps.
  16. geoffreyr66

    geoffreyr66 Member

    Fuel filter location

    Hey just curious, where exactly is the fuel filter(s) located on the chassis on my 91 Carry?

    Can anyone explain the location or better yet, send some pics to me?

  17. getinold

    getinold New Member

    most of the carrys i have seen have the in line filter element on the right hand frame rail at a point aprox where the bed meets the cab. usually white or clear in color.
  18. geoffreyr66

    geoffreyr66 Member

    Great tip about the carb screen. How many filters are there on a 91 carry. I have found the one you mentioned, (on the output side of the fuel pump) but there also appears to be a filter on the return to the tank. Also there is a black canister located behind the driver's seat on the frame. Perhaps this is the charcoal canister???
  19. Tech Doug

    Tech Doug New Member

    Hey, did you ever resolve this ??
  20. geoffreyr66

    geoffreyr66 Member

    No. I haven't. I didn't get to use the truck much this fall and now that the winter is here I don't use it too much, except to plow the driveway! I've come up with my own very reasonable alternative to current market snow plows using the front or rear 2" receiver.
    It works great!
    In the spring I'll look into the carb on my truck and see if I can get it moving a little faster.

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