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92 Sambar radio swap

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by Mark Semeraro, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Mark Semeraro

    Mark Semeraro New Member

    Does anyone know what color wires are fir what?
    12v, ground, 2 speaker wires, clock in radio?

    I don't have a voltage light indicator. I can get one if needed but may save not if someone knows. Replies appreciated.
  2. Maximal

    Maximal Member

    speakers are grey with red stripe and grey with black stripe for + and - like normal, theres 2 grounds one from the cigar lighter and one for the radio. i just ended up twisting all 3 together for a 3 way ground. off the top of my head i cant remember what wire ended up being switched and which one constant 12v though
  3. Mark Semeraro

    Mark Semeraro New Member

    I popped the fuse. I see the fuse box, how do you open it? I don't want to break it...
  4. Mark Semeraro

    Mark Semeraro New Member

    Or, is there another 12 volt source that is only on with the key? I have the constant one with no popping of of that fuse.
  5. Mark Semeraro

    Mark Semeraro New Member

    I also have the ground wire.
  6. Maximal

    Maximal Member

    2 tabs on each side of the fusebox cover. I have to take my stereo out to put a noise filter in tomorrow, I'll take pictures of the wiring
  7. This is for a Suzuki but may be the same. The light blue in truck is hot ignition hooked to red on radio. The white in truck is always hot hooked to radio yellow. Right speakers gray/gray black stripe, left speakers white/white black stripe. Black in truck do not use. Put eyelet on radio ground and attach to metal in truck.
    Hope this helps.
  8. Maximal

    Maximal Member

    K I have my radio out right now

    Trucks black and black/green are stereo black ground

    Trucks white with blue stripe is stereos yellow 12v constant

    Trucks blue with black stripe is radios red 12v switched

    Speakers are the normal grey with black stripe for ground and grey with red stripe for negative
  9. Maximal

    Maximal Member

    Also i bought one of those power noise filters last night, with either my LED headlights on or my light bar I get static radio interference. Worth thinking about before install
  10. How did you get to your headlights? I want to try to adjust the left front headlight because it's set for left lane driving in Japan and shoots higher than the right side.
  11. Maximal

    Maximal Member

    i dont know if theres a way to even adjust them, at least for Sambar there isnt. most people for Sambar end up needing to get the European headlights from a LHD model, i still have the original headlight housing with $40 chinese LED bulbs no issues
  12. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Member

    The 1990-1992 Sambar headlights are standard 7" round sealed assemblies, and can be swapped out with US Market bulbs.. but the 1993+ are as Maximal said.. non-adjustable unless you can find some EUDM lights that didnt come from the UK.

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