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92 mitsi starts but won't stay running.

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by KeiEye, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. KeiEye

    KeiEye Member

    This one has me & my mechanic stumped & since I'm paying by the hour, I thought I'd save his time & my money by asking the experts!

    No problem occurred before this issue & no service or mechanical work preceded it.

    I started it as I always do & it caught on the first turnover, just like always. But as soon as I bring the key back from start to run, it dies. Instantly. No coughing, sputtering, just instant stop.

    It seems electrical, but where is the problem? I decided to try revving the engine with the starter engaged just to eliminate fuel & sparkplug issues. The engine revs up nicely, so ignition & fuel delivery are both OK.

    I have electrical schematics but don't know enough about where to start (pardon the pun!).


    Who is going to be the hero?!

  2. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    My dollar is going towards the ignition switch. Might remove it a clean with electrical cleaner.
  3. KeiEye

    KeiEye Member

    That's a start (hopefully!)

    I'll pass this along to my man in the pits. I'll report back.

  4. N7MOG

    N7MOG Member

    I'd also check the many vacuum lines @ the carburator. That's where my friend's trouble like this was...melted hose.
  5. flymillen

    flymillen New Member

    check coil then key switch you can test it, by turning on key switch, start it at starter if it runs coil if not key check for spark while cranking at starter
  6. KeiEye

    KeiEye Member


    Ballast resistor.

    Apparently Dodge trucks were well known for the issue!

    SO Mitsi is back on the road!

    or stuck in the ditch as the case may be! I got stuck good enuff during the last storm that I need to be towed a record THREE times! To be fair, we had two big storms back to back & nothing before that at all to really set the edges properly with plowed ridges. So I kept getting a little too far over & dropped a front wheel into the ditch which lifted the opposite arse end up nicely leaving me spinning. :frustration:

    all part of the fun though!

  7. rynow

    rynow Member

    Could you post a photo of where it is located on your truck?
    It might help someone else with same problem later.

    Kind regards

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