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92 Honda ACTY Problems/Advice

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by ryan_beasley, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. ryan_beasley

    ryan_beasley New Member

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and to mini trucks,
    Recently purchased a 92 Honda ACTY and love it. I am a decent mechanic, but not great. While easing down the road, it instantly loses power. Almost like you just shut off the ignition. I know it is getting fuel to the carb, it turns over great, no weird noises, but it will not crank up. I didn't have the tools to check sparkplugs at that time, but noticed these are not my typical plugs/wires I'm used to and didn't want to cause more harm than good on the side of the road. (possible help on how to get to plugs???) Finally get it to the mechanic, and he's struggling b/c everything is in Japanese. Is there a manual in English for these things??? At this time, he thinks it is a timing belt. I would think there would be a noise, slap, ting, ping, etc if it was the belt. Can I check this on my own? Is there a diagram online? Is there anything else that you guys would look at first? He said I'm probably looking at $500 worth of labor for him to do it. That seems a little steep for me for a timing belt change, but maybe I'm wrong. I have enough friends that we can tear it apart, but hate to tear into it and not know what to look for. ANY HELP is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Everybody!

  2. OutdoorsNS

    OutdoorsNS Member

    i would guess timing, i have a 92 hijet and when i bought it first thing i did was went on fgprocurements webpage(one of this sites sponsers) i forget what the price of it all was but it wasnt much, go on there and look for a maintence kit, mine come with plug wires distributer cap, router, plugs, and i think i had to buy the timing belt sepretly, price that stuff up. As far as the job to instaling this stuff? My hijet was SUPER easy to do it all, and im not very mechanically inclined, the timing belt took me and a buddy 30 mins and we never changed one before, the cap and wires and plugs were another 20 minutes. 500 for a belt and change is alot, mind you i have no idea what an acty is like. It could be totally different then mine, but i doubt it. Price up the stuff and see what you think!
  3. ryan_beasley

    ryan_beasley New Member

    Ok, so I heard from the mechanic today. He's 99% sure its the timing belt. I called the service guy that the previous owner dealt with for parts and the quotes are listed below. Does this seem reasonable??? We're hoping we didn't mess up valves in the process even though I'm pretty much betting it did, but if not then that saves on valves and gaskets. He wants to change the water pump while he's in there which from the research I have done sounds like a good idea. I am curious why he does not want to change the idler and all while in there also (from the way everyone talks on here). What are the chances that the valves are still good? It sure seems like $750 is kinda steep for a fix that doesn't seem to be rare with these trucks, but it is what it is.

    timing belt- $50
    water pump- $146
    valves- $26 each
    gaskets-approximately $280
  4. OutdoorsNS

    OutdoorsNS Member

    Well if you don want to tackle it yoursel that's the only way but if u think u could handle the job it's a lotta money to save. I never changed my water pump, ill change it when it goes, and I wouldn't worry about the valves yet, if I were you I'd get a new cap rotor and timing belt and change all of them first and see how it works, I was stressing about the job for a long while but as soon as I started working on it it was all simple. If you we're in Nova Scotia I'd help ya! Lol new plugs and wires would be good to. If you think u could handle it or even have a buddy who knows a lot about mechanics that could help you I think all of what u said would be very easy. Even the water pump. I know 0 about valves tho, but I think the belt mostly would be ur first try.
  5. ryan_beasley

    ryan_beasley New Member

    After talking a little more to mechanics and doing a little more research, I feel like the price is probably about right and not that bad. It seems like if it was just a timing belt, then no problem. BUT because of everything else that may have went bad in the process of it breaking, then I need to just grab my wallet. Still kinda shocked at the price of the gaskets. Thanks for the help on here! Will definitely be using the forum again!
  6. OutdoorsNS

    OutdoorsNS Member

    Any more questions just ask, I'm pretty new to these trucks but I spent hours researching and working on mine and I'm startin to get the hang of it
  7. shogun

    shogun Member

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