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90' and 98' Suzuki Carry.... Air Conditioning - AC

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by NOLATAC, May 14, 2016.


    NOLATAC Member

    I see the console shows heat and cold, but I was told when I bought each of them that they did not have "AC compressors."

    Is it something I can buy and just add on to have AC?

    Has anyone been successful at installing AC in a Carry that did not already have it? i searched but only seemed to find threads with people fixing existing AC units. Thanks.
  2. J. Bishop

    J. Bishop New Member

    I have a 1990 carry with factory AC.
    I think I have a link for the parts if I can find it I will post it for you.
  3. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    Mine (2002 Mazda Scrum/Suzuki CarryVan) has an aftermarket AC installed by the rebuilders when it was brought to the Philippines from Japan. There is no name on any of the components that I can see but the Compressor looks like a Sanden unit. It doesn't function very well so I normally don't even bother turning it on.


    NOLATAC Member

    Probably would need something after market
  5. J. Bishop

    J. Bishop New Member

    I have a 1990 carry and my dad has a hijet both have very cold air.
    My mechanic told me that a system off of a small Suzuki should easily be fitted.

    NOLATAC Member

    ANyone ever done this?
  7. Ronin

    Ronin Active Member Supporting Member

    Sorry, can't help on this one Buddy... cool enough up here most go without. Once you get going, even on a real warm day, those big Snoopy-ears mirrors kick a lot of air inside.

    A/C also really taxes these little engines, especially on the older trucks...

    If you're just going to be cruising around your property how 'bout an ice box full o' your favorite cold beverage...? :D
  8. Kravmaster

    Kravmaster New Member

    Does anyone have a parts list to add this to a 1992 carry?
  9. Heiny

    Heiny Member

    Call G&R imports
  10. Kravmaster

    Kravmaster New Member

    They would have that stuff?
  11. Heiny

    Heiny Member

  12. Heiny

    Heiny Member

    Maybe, or could tell you where to look. There are aftermarket AC units for hot rods out there, maybe that could work. Although there isn’t much room for an inside unit in these little things.
  13. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    Search for 'Vintage Air" may or may no still be around. Quie a few years ago they manufactured AC setups for HotRod & Customs. Had some small and easily installed units.

  14. Mike Steele

    Mike Steele New Member

    I have a 91 carry with AC. It works but is not real cold. Has anyone ever charged one of these
  15. Norwood

    Norwood New Member

    I charged the AC on my 99 Carry a couple weeks ago. I just bought one of those canister that come with a hose and coupling already. Got it at Walmart. My system was quite low in pressure and just that one can made a big difference. Probably could use even a little more.
  16. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    Be careful with that, when I bought my Scrum the a.c. wasn't very cool so I put a can in and it didn't help. I checked here on the forum and learned that it was probably a condenser type unit that fits up behind the glove box and you needed gauges to check it. This was over my head so I called a mobile mechanic who claimed to be an a.c. man. He showed up without any gauges, said they rattled too much hanging in his van, and fired the truck up with a cooking thermometer in one of the outlets.After a few mins. he said it was just low on refrigerant so I told him that I had already put a can in and had done some research and thought it was this condenser thing,I still had the glove box out and showed him what I was talking about. He got an attitude saying he didn't need a lesson on the system and proceeded to put 2 more cans in it.This wiped out the compressor.
    I should have run him off when he pulled the attitude thing, especially after showing up to work on an a.c. without any gauges.
    The point of this novel is these little systems have a real small capacity and can be wiped out real easy so be real careful when adding refrigerant with out the proper gauges and info on system capacities.
  17. Norwood

    Norwood New Member

    Ditto that.
    The canister that I used actually had a gauge on it and instructions with guidelines for proper capacities and pressures. (I don’t remember the details, don’t have it handy) My AC system most definitely was low. No surprise there. I doubt that in its 20 year life it had ever been recharged.
  18. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    My Hijet has cold air. So I haven’t had to tinker with it yet. But, the manuals I have say that it takes R12, so be careful charging up an older system. It might need R12, and R34 which is all that you can buy at the auto parts stores, may harm the seals.

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