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4 wheel drive

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Paul Cianciolo, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. Paul Cianciolo

    Paul Cianciolo New Member

    Hi Folks,

    I bought a 1994 Carry with axle lock and dif lock. Neither the limited slip light or dif lock light come on. I put the truck on blocks and when I engage the 4x4 the front drive shaft spins as it should but the Axles aren’t spinning. It’s not turning my front wheel / wheels?

    Is it not engaging the axles because the dif / axle lock switches are bad? Please help.

    Thank you
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
  2. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    Limited slip??? I think you mean the front axle disconnect.
  3. Paul Cianciolo

    Paul Cianciolo New Member

    Yes, axle lock and dif lock.
  4. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    Have you check e the vacuum lines? To the actuator on the front diff?
  5. Paul Cianciolo

    Paul Cianciolo New Member

    I haven’t. I’ll have to research where to find those so I can check. Where are they located and what am I looking for? Thanks
  6. S.Hiro

    S.Hiro Gold Supporting Member

    Hello, I think you need to check electrical parts or wires if all working,
    hope this will help,
  7. Scott Murphy

    Scott Murphy New Member

    Paul, Did you get your problem fixed? What did you ever find?
  8. Duke Selinium

    Duke Selinium New Member

    Hey, I've got a 1990 Suzuki Carry and I'm having the same problem. Funny thing with these trucks is: I've noticed that sometimes this issue resolves its self. Right now my truck had been sitting a while and the lights aren't coming on for the Axel Lock and Diff Lock. The green 4WD light comes on the dash, and it still goes into Low range, but the front wheels aren't engaging. Who knows the most likely issues with this? This seems to be a common issue for older trucks that have sat for a while.
  9. Limestone

    Limestone Active Member

    I could be off base here, but reading this thread, that started in June, 2019. Not all that long ago. With no posted resolve's! I tend to agree with S. Hiro! Don't be afraid to clean any electrical connections, and use Die Electric grease on them, especially on any so called solenoids, with vacuum lines attached! Especially as these mini's get older, observe how the old grease is getting hardened and, kinda corroded over! Not good! I don't see how it would hurt! I did this and have had good luck on my 89 Daihatsu!

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