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35 Dismantled Minitrucks for parts

Discussion in 'Parts Sales' started by minitruck.ca, May 6, 2009.

  1. too.many.tacos

    too.many.tacos New Member

    Have a 2005 U62T Mitsubishi Mini Cab

    Need Front Left Caliper and both front rotors
  2. Fess

    Fess New Member

    Hello.Do you have anything for Suzuki Carry Track DB 52 T?
  3. Hellabeefy

    Hellabeefy New Member

    Suzuki every van 4x4 91ish with the fog light bumper and door trim for bumper. Do y'all have one in stock. Link to photo of bumper below

  4. Yardman

    Yardman New Member

    Would you have a differential rear axle for the s83p?
  5. Rcooper917

    Rcooper917 Member

    Do you have a front bumper for 1993 sambar
  6. Do you have a Locking front diff for a DD51T suzuki Carry?

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