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2022 s510p electrical problems

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by hjelleman, Feb 28, 2024.

  1. hjelleman

    hjelleman New Member

    PLEASE HELP!!! I have a 2022 hijet low dump. i was trying to upgrade taillights and blew a fuse. i found that no problem. Then i noticed I had lost a headlight so was working on that. I checked all the fuses that i could locate. i looked under seat and under the dash. I some how got the headlight to work. BUT in the process of pulling fuses Im not sure what i did. I lost the gauge warning lights, auto headlights, wipers, washers, It will Crank but not start, no radio, also no climate control, or electric dump bed. i have rechecked what i could. i checked for power at the fuse box under seat, i have checked all fuses for continuity, i have ripped most the factory loom of the harness to locate wires. i cleaned up the grounds, i cleaned and charged up battery. I can get the dump bed to work with a jumper wire from power to solinoid switch connector. i havent checked for fuel or spark yet.

    Im not the greatest with wireing so please understand. I just hope i didnt fry a computer or something. I really dont know what it could be anymore.
    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  2. Dewie

    Dewie Member

    Are you getting power at any of the fuses? (test light)

    If not there is likely a main fuse that feeds everything (there was on my '91) which you'll have to locate and test/replace.
  3. shogun

    shogun Active Member

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