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2005 U62T 4X4 5-Sp Manual Front Springs

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by visket, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. visket

    visket New Member

    Hi Folks -

    I'm tired of searching.

    I found my answer for a U42T, but I'm not sure if the same holds true for my U62T / 3G83.

    What is the I.D., O.D, and length of my front springs? I want to get some stiffer ones - just enough to lift the from 1.5" - 2" under operating conditions.

    Thank you -

  2. billybass

    billybass New Member

    I will let you know.

    I have a 2002 u62t

    Took off the strut, removed spring.

    Measured 9inch high with a 2&5/8 inside diameter.

    From what I gather, they are around 140-150lbs. My truck bottoms constantly so I ordered 10 inch 275lb with a 2.5" diameter, for the lift and stability. I am running 13 inch steelies all around with Nordic tracks from Canadian Tire. They are rubbing, but not bad. Hoping the new springs lift and stabalize the truck. I will have them installed in a couple weeks and will report back
  3. visket

    visket New Member

    Greetings BillyBass -

    I took a chance and went ahead with my project. I bought 12", 2-5/8" ID, 225 lb springs (long enough to cut down to size and rid the springs of the "flat" ends). I cut them down to the same length as stock (about the 9" you mentioned), with the driver side spring being 1/4" longer than the passenger side. There was only 3/4" preload on the spring at full extension.

    PERFECT. Lifted the Minicab 1.5" unloaded. I weigh 210lbs, and have a bed cab-over rack (120lbs) with Overlanding gear on the rack (60lbs so far). No topping out. No more bottoming out. A much flatter, MORE comfortable ride, and almost no leaning in corners.

    My suggestion: A 275lb spring will be waaaay to stiff. You could run a bit less preload, but I'm thinking you might top out. Remember that the OEM strut is tuned to the wimpy 150-ish springs.

    You will need to re-adjust your headlights. I took the long road and removed the front panel, etc... before I realized there are two "holes" on the inboard side of the headlights. Top hole = vertical adjustment.. counterclockwise = down. No body panel removal necessary.

    Let me know how it goes!

  4. billybass

    billybass New Member

    Now I am terrified they will be too stiff, gotta get more burgurs in me...

    I will let you know!
  5. visket

    visket New Member

    Greetings -

    If you are not loading the front of the truck with a LOT of weight, I'm sure 275# is too heavy. That's 275#/in. Times 2.

    My service manual says the front has a total of 4.3" travel. My 225# springs lifted the front end 1.5" *unloaded*, meaning truck on the ground, nobody in the seats. That gives me 1.5" extra travel (and ground clearance!) before I hop in.

    What concerned me was if the OEM struts (shocks) would be able to handle the extra stiffness on rebound. At 225#, I haven't had any ill effects (yet!). Think about the extra damping the struts would need to endure with 275#s worth of force. That's why I mention topping out.

    I don't know what year/model/etc... truck you have. Mine is the "LWB" (long wheel base = front tire is next to my foot instead of under my butt).

  6. billybass

    billybass New Member

    I have the same model, never heard of it mentioned as a lwb, but makes sense.

    Shocks are due here next week, I am going to give them a try and let you know the results.
    Last edited: Feb 29, 2020
  7. siren676

    siren676 New Member

    Are the stock springs under much preload? I'm looking to lower my u61t and trying to find front springs
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2020
  8. visket

    visket New Member

    Hi Kevin -

    To answer your question, my stock setup had 3/4" of preload with the truck on the lift and wheels at full extension. I replaced that with 225# springs with 3/4" preload on the passenger side and 1" preload on the driver side. You can probably cut 1/2" length from the stock springs. Remember that the "cups" holding each end of the spring (I don't know the formal name for these pieces" is "notched" so that the springs do not need to be flattened on each end. Make sure the end of the spring settles into the notch.

    You want to *lower* your Minicab? Something is amiss. At stock ride height, my Minicab could barely roll over a pack of cigarettes without scrubbing... is yours stock?

    Good luck -

  9. visket

    visket New Member

    Hi BillyBass -

    What are the names/part#s of your 13" steel wheels? How wide are they? Where did you get them?

    What size are your tires?

    Thanks -

  10. siren676

    siren676 New Member

    Yes as mines 2wd so I have no intention of taking it off-road, have seen full spring kits in Japan but don't fancy paying $1500 just to lower it 40mm

    Wonder if there's a spring rate difference between 2wd and 4wd due to being 50kg heavier.
  11. visket

    visket New Member

    Hi Siren676 -

    Unfortunately, I can't help much - I don't have experience with any model but mine (and limited technical knowledge at that).

    Makes sense that the 2wd could have lighter springs. I think the best way to make a decision would be to pull one apart and measure, measure, measure.

    Before I took mine apart, I went to my local Pep Boys to have them measure the alignment. It drove perfectly fine before my spring swap, so I wanted a "baseline". They don't have the Minicab in their database, but they measured against a Mirage. The differences came out in a graph w/numbers. THAT was my baseline, in case my mechanic friend knocked something out of whack during the new spring installation. Luckily, the Minicab drove perfectly fine after the swap, so I didn't need to bring it back to Pep Boys.
  12. billybass

    billybass New Member

    I started by looking for 13" 4*100 steelies. Found out the early 2000 Hyundai accent came with exactly that

    Searched Kijiji and found them.

    100 bucks with Nordic mud and snows.

    Offset was perfect but I had to grind a tiny bit off the centre hub to fit the minicab. I was not expecting it but quick fix, 5 minutes of circular grinding per wheel, easy peasy.

    The tires are 155 80r13 Nordics. The back is Mint, the front rubs gently time to time, especially when turning under motion, due to the soft springs. I now have my 275lb springs from jegs, going to install on Saturday. This will give a natural lift and clear the wheel wells hopefully.

    I am finding tricky to learn this stuff online as I am in Canada and we can import at the 15 year mark, this my truck is a generation newer then most of the ones you read about online, on top of that the u62t has the wheels in front instead of under you. I am taking my upgrades very slowly, have no issues yet, I will let you know on the weekend about the springs.
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  13. billybass

    billybass New Member

    Today was the big day, had to cut an inch off the 10 inch springs.

    275 pound gave me 1 and 3/4 lift. It is 100 percent better, no diving in turns and is asorbing bumps holes and woops on the road perfectly.

    Much safer ride all around. The springs I bought are here:


    I should have bought the 9 inch, but no problem if you have the tool to cut the spring down.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2020
  14. kaleb osborn

    kaleb osborn New Member

    hey billy bass i got a 2008 clipper which i think is basically the same. how are you liking the new spring set up by now
  15. visket

    visket New Member

    Hi Kaleb -

    I got a notification that this thread had updates, so until BillyBass gets a chance to answer, I'll answer from my experience.

    My 225# springs have been perfect. No topping/bottoming out, and very little leaning in the corners. This is even with a "overcab" rack in the bed (that extends over the cab) that currently (not in the picture) has a 60# load on the top of it.

    So much better than stock springs. Night and day. Moby - 3 of 3.jpeg
  16. kaleb osborn

    kaleb osborn New Member

    looking good. do you have a link to the springs you used? did you end up getting a longer spring and cutting down?

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