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2004 Hijet stopped running.

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by jagman, May 20, 2012.

  1. jagman

    jagman New Member

    My 2004 Hijet S210p has stopped running. The problem began with the truck being hard to start. Then within a week or so it would not start at all. I found the fuel pump was quite weak so I replaced it with a new pump motor.

    I put the fuel i removed from the tank back in. The truck still wouldn't run. It would pop a few times and occasionally fire off for 4 or 5 seconds. I then replaced the spark plugs, which appeared wet with fuel. Still the truck wouldn't run. So I siphoned out the old gas and put fresh gas in. I flushed the fuel line by letting it pump out the old gas. Still no joy.

    I pulled the intake off at the throttle valve and gave it a shot of starter fluid. It fired right off and ran till it was out of starter fluid.

    I'm at a loss as to what to check next. It's obviously a fuel problem. Injector issues?

    Would appreciate any help.


  2. woodhe1

    woodhe1 Bronze Supporting Member

    1) spark in all 3 coil packs?

    2) compression check

    3) pull the injectors and see if their pumping fuel

    4) Map Sensor on the throttle body?

    dan www.woodysminitrucks.com
  3. jagman

    jagman New Member

    Thanks woodhe1, I'll start looking into those areas.


  4. fremontminitrucks

    fremontminitrucks Gold Supporting Member

    I had something like this happen last year, I removed the throttle body off the top of the engine, cleaned it all up with brake parts cleaner, removed the TPS sensor and cleaned it with contact cleaner, put it all back together and it ran great.
  5. tbird57

    tbird57 New Member

    check your fuel pressure, it should be 40 psi or more. i found my fuel pressure regulator was bad. it is in the housing with your fuel pump.
  6. jagman

    jagman New Member


    Thanks for the reply. Do to the heat here in Texas I haven't been able to work on the truck. Wow, 40 psi, I didn't think it was supposed to be that high! I'll check that out, hopefully next week.


  7. jagman

    jagman New Member

    I finally fixed my 2004 Hijet. The problem was low fuel pressure. I replaced the pump itself and still only got 8psi or so. Changed the fuel regulator and still no joy. Replaced an "O" ring and another rubber seal inside the fuel assembly. No luck. Testing the assembly out of the car, it appeared fuel was leaking somewhere but I could never see where. I ended up buying the whole fuel assembly module on Ebay from a Japanese used parts outfit. Put it in and all is well! Runs great.

    I know this took a long time for me to resolve, but health problems have been cramping my style along with the winter weather. As for the fuel pump replacement, they are on Ebay for under $20 delivered! The fuel regulator in my truck was unmarked, so I just tried one from Napa that cost $26 vs. up to $130 for others. No one could spec that fuel pressure regulator. Tried local Toyota parts dept. and they said they know nothing, no help at all.

    The fuel assembly is a complex unit. The pump motor is the easy part! A good friend installed a lift in his workshop and that made this job a snap in the end.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions, this is a great forum.
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  8. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for following up on your issue. So glad to hear you got it resolved!
  9. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    I'll pipe in here as I just had similar problems with my truck. It had been stumbling and losing power for quite a while before getting to a state where it would crank and crank with no start. Seeing as it is 17 years old and I've owned it for at least 7, I figure it wouldn't hurt to clean the entire fuel system. I pulled the bed off the truck (which I should really make a whole separate post for) and pulled the fuel pump. The "sock" filter had grit and was brittle and falling apart. The pump worked but was obviously not getting enough pressure to the system. As I posted in another thread, I got a bosch fuel pump (https://www.ebay.com/itm/180992468907) from ebay as it seemed like a relatively inexpensive way to refresh things. Pulled and cleaned the injectors, the pressure regulator (which looked pretty silted up too) and replaced the pump and filter. Also put in new plugs while I was at it. Truck runs like new! Frankly, I'm willing to bet that my pump was probably fine and it was really the pressure regulator and the injectors clogged up with debris from the crumbling filter. Anyway, should be good for at least another 7 years.

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