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2000 Hijet S210P rear bumper connection location

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by Lonestartroy, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Lonestartroy

    Lonestartroy New Member

    Trying to make a rear bumper/receiver hitch. I have searched for weeks and have not figured out how to connect it to the truck yet. I see all the pictures for the earlier models. Anyone have pictures of how they connected a rear bumper to the truck for the 2000 year model? Not a lot of room with the shackles for the leaf springs. Thanks
  2. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    i have the hitch of a jeep my neighbour was tossing. i need to narrow it a bit and it should bolt right on. plan on drilling the frame and welding some tubing in the frame so the bolts have something to go into.
  3. My S110 has a tube crossmember that goes all the way across the frame at the rear. The fuel tank, license plate, the pivots for my dump bed, and a few other things are welded to it.

    I installed two 8-mm “nutserts”, into the outside of the frame rail about 2-inches, and four-inches in front of the tube crossmember. I then bolted a piece of three inch channel onto the frame, with a slightly oversized hole over the crossmember. I then installed some smaller tubing, with a 3x3-inch plate welded on the end, into the crossmember. I then welded the plate to the channel.

    This gave me a very ridgid mounting point, extending to the rear to mount the bumper to. The main rear crossmember, is the point where any loads are transferred into the frame. I tried to include pictures, but I’m using my iPad, and the pictures are too large to upload, and I don’t know of a way to downsize them with any apps I have loaded.
  4. Lonestartroy

    Lonestartroy New Member

    I wonder if the 4 bolts that hold the gas tank on are strong enough to mount a bumper on? They look pretty tuff. Put some angle iron across the front and back of tank and then use more angle iron to go across the first set to stiffen it up and extend past the rear of the truck. They mount to those round crossmembers you are talking about.

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