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2 Minis in Edmonton today

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Spottings' started by Psycho Mike, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Psycho Mike

    Psycho Mike Member

    Ok...saw 2 Minis in Edmonton, Alberta today.

    The first was a tired looking Suzuki Carry...seen lots of miles and had a bunch of rock chips on the front and frame that were rusting as well as many pieces removed for access to mechanical systems. Looks like either a "work in progress" or a "work it till it dies" project. Parked at Gateway and 76 Ave.

    The next was a Mitsu Pajero of some form. Looked to be in pretty good shape with a silver-blue paint job and a front brush bar. 98 Ave from James MacDonald Bridge to Mike Findlay Park.

    I have photos of the Carry on my phone but didn't get to see a lot of the Pajero.
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  2. Psycho Mike

    Psycho Mike Member

    Spotted another mini on Whyte Ave in Edmonton today while I was driving mine. Older, white truck....fairly sure it was a Carry of about the same vintage as mine.

    If you're on here..."Hi" :)
  3. DutchWillis

    DutchWillis New Member

    Where did you buy yours? I'm from the Edmonton area as well
  4. Psycho Mike

    Psycho Mike Member

    There are several options in the Edmonton area, Dutch...

    Western Minitrucks is out near Stony Plain (dealer) and a number of them come up privately on Kijiji and AutoTrader. If you are going the latter route, make sure you know what you are getting into...there are some great resources on the site to help you know what to look for and to get a better idea of the age.

    Myself, I got mine through a private sale with a company in Edson. They had brought the truck in back in 2008 for a parade vehicle...it had been used ~2x a year since. I knew there would be some maintenance to do, but even so, I was able to get a truck in good condition for a great value. If you don't mind going a little further, Street Legal ATV in Calgary brings in primo units that could readily be used for daily drivers.
  5. DutchWillis

    DutchWillis New Member

    I've looked into them and I know the service they offer is definitely adding big value but I can't justify the price difference. My truck will be used mainly for off road purposes.

    Thank you for the info
  6. Psycho Mike

    Psycho Mike Member

    Which one? Western or Street Legal? If you don't mind turning the wrenches, then maybe a private sale is the way to go....they come up semi-regularly on Kijiji and AutoTrader.
  7. DutchWillis

    DutchWillis New Member

    I was talking specifically about street legal.
    I'm definitely fine with turning wrenches, the problem is I have a pretty specific list so it's tough to find one for sale that meets my needs.

    Efi,ac,power steering, diff lock
  8. Psycho Mike

    Psycho Mike Member

    For EFI, A/C and power steering, you're definitely looking at something newer.....like right at the cusp of the 15 year import limit. You won't find those locally on Kijiji or AutoTrader. The folks with those just got them themselves.

    If those are "must have" and you're not looking as premium as Street Legal, then you may need to see what Western Minitrucks and Tarik Imports (both in Alberta) have or talk with the member here "Dave in Japan" about importing directly.
  9. DutchWillis

    DutchWillis New Member

    I want a super clean truck with low km and all the options and don't believe street legal is the only place that can bring in nice vehicles.

    My ideal truck is a 2001

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