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1997 Mitsubishi Minicab Thermostat?

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Quick Strike, Mar 19, 2024.

  1. Quick Strike

    Quick Strike New Member

    My heat was not hot enough and it was slow to heat up. I took the thermostat out and it would not close the last 1/4”. It would open all the way when boiled, but not close all the way after several trials. I bought a new thermostat that will arrive shortly. How does this sit in the housing? The main apparatus is offset from the center in thermostat. Where does the close side face?

    Last edited: Mar 19, 2024
  2. Josey Whales

    Josey Whales New Member

    Do you live in the northeast of USA?
  3. Quick Strike

    Quick Strike New Member

    Yes, in NE PA, I put the new thermostat with the short side to the passenger side. I talked to one of the minitruck providers and he said it didn’t matter what way I put it. I burped it, closed it up and the heat is plenty warm now.
  4. Josey Whales

    Josey Whales New Member

    I am looking for help myself. I started out just changing out a leaking water pump, but as I got in there I spotted a small oil leak in the timeing belt housing. So i have to address that. Oil pump or just a seal?
    also I removed the timing belt, and I have very low confidence in timeing this thing properly once I replace the water pump and fix the oil leak.
    I have a tech manual and I says to do something with the fly wheel. So I have to remove the transmission to get at the fly wheel for this?
    I can't find any detailed videos on timeing. So I am starting to freak myself out. i already removed the alternator, steering pump, shroud, now am I looking to remove the transmission?
  5. Quick Strike

    Quick Strike New Member

    Sorry, I don’t have any experience with the timing belt ——- yet.
  6. Josey Whales

    Josey Whales New Member

  7. dmerc444

    dmerc444 New Member

    there's a plug to remove for access to the flywheel marks.....for ignition timing. For timing belt, you don't need the flywheel marks.

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